A Few Favorite Christmas Decorations

December 7, 2018

By Tab Byrum

This year my crew and I decorated 14 houses and 2 businesses for Christmas, I try to share as much as I can along the way but sometimes I get busy and forget so I want to share them here today. This is just a small sample of what we’ve done and some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Remember, it’s now how big the house is or about having all new decorations, you can do SO much with what you have by adding a few new things here and there, like ribbon and floral picks. I’ll go into a little more detail with the photos, I hope you like them as much as I do. Enjoy!!!

I’ve shared this home before and the tree. I took this photo this year while I was decorating the tree. I love the rustic elements of the tree combined with the sparkle of the glass ornaments and the big silver gift tags that say Merry Christmas. 

I really like the paper garland we use on this tree, I think the homeowner bought it at Pottery Barn a few years ago. We combine it with Mesh Ribbon and Silver Beads and the homeowners family hang their ornaments. 

I shared this home a few years ago when I first did but I think it’s worth sharing again. The home is decorated in a neutral color scheme and the same is carried over onto the tree and fireplace. Lots of gold, silver, and touches of earth tones. 

This tree and the home it’s in belongs to a dear friend of mine and it’s on the screened porch of his home. The lights on the tree itself burned out years ago but the tree is the perfect height and size for the porch so we just add new lights when needed. 

The tree is decorated with ornaments with a nature theme, whether it’s bird and animal ornaments or ones like the snowman made from tree bark with branches for arms. 

A few years ago I found these word ornaments the spell out Noel, Peace, and Joy that are made to look like branches and tree bark. Love the ball of berries and pinecones.

The tree is topped with this large Squirrel that I wire to the topmost branch of the tree. 

One of my clients has a large collection of Fitz & Floyd ceramic figurines that we display every year. These three nutcrackers are part of a larger collection and always stand guard on a table behind her sofa looking into the kitchen. I love all the colors used on them and their faces and mustaches. 

Last year this client finished a long remodel to their home and we changed up some of the decorations to go with it. Here in the curve of the staircase, we used to put up a tree but we moved that tree to the dining room and the homeowner bought this big beautiful gray urn that sits in the curve. I fill it now with faux birch branches, snowy branches, and greenery that has ice and pinecones on it.

This client moved into a very contemporary home last year and we couldn’t figure out how to hang her beautiful garland around the door that we’ve always used at her previous home. The outside of the home is all stucco and you can’t drive a nail or screws into it like I can on mortar between bricks if you do then pieces of the stucco will start falling off. She found a device that stretches between the two sides of the door and you expand it until you have enough tension that it is held up from pressing out against the side of the door facing. Then I draped the garland over the device at the top of the door and I used command hooks to attach the garland to the sides of the door to keep it from blowing in the wind. Turned out great!!!

This is a door that I’ve done for over 10 years and this year it seemed to be inspired by the Grinch. I used Red, White, and Green Mesh Ribbon and to that added holly bushes, large green ornament picks and large old-fashioned red lights. It turned out fun and the young family loves it. 

Candy Jars are one of my favorite things to use if you have the kitchen counter or island space to do them. Here I have a tray on the island that holds three jars I filled with various candies like foil-wrapped chocolates and peppermint candies. A peppermint nutcracker stands guard on one side. 

On the other side of the tray is a peppermint tree that Santa seems to have his eye on. 

I hope you enjoyed this last look at some of the fun things we did in client’s homes this year. You can do any of these on whatever scale you need to, it doesn’t have to be huge to impressive. It’s all in the details. Have a great weekend, stay warm and I’ll see you back here on Monday. Enjoy!!!

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