Christmas Changes, Part 2

December 5, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I made a couple of changes to decorations this year at a second house I’ve decorated for years and shows the difference one little thing makes. In this case, the change is ribbon, a new ribbon that I added to the staircase garland and on a garland above a mirror in the home’s dining room. My client collects MacKenzie-Childs and especially uses it in the kitchen and dining room of her home, so I found a black and white checked ribbon that coordinates beautifully with all things MC and added to the staircase garland and the mirror garland. Needless to say, both the homeowner and I are thrilled with the results, the checked ribbon adds a big punch of pattern to both places and really makes her MacKenzie-Childs collections “pop”. Join me today for a quick look and tour of the changes and before and after photos. Enjoy!!!

Here you can see where we added the Black and White ribbon to the already existing garland that is decorated with Gold, Silver and Soft Green Ornaments. There’s also a soft green mesh ribbon in the garland and large Silver beaded garland and Pearl garland. This is the side of the staircase that shares space with the dining room where a lot of the MacKenzie-Childs is. 

Here’s a good look at the staircase so you can see what the colors are and how it looks before the black and white ribbon was added. 

Another look after the ribbon is added. I got busy and forgot to get more photos. I also wanted to share that we added the new big bulbed lights. Fun, fun, fun. 

This is the garland on the mirror I was talking about. We just do it on one corner of the mirror, it’s a green garland with snow already added to it. I added five floral picks made up of artificial evergreen and red berries then went in and added the black and white ribbon to the garland. Look in the mirror and you can see a reflection of the staircase garland with the new ribbon.

A better look at the garland further back and in the lower right corner, you can catch a glimpse of the MacKenzie-Childs trees on the dining table. I’ll try to get some better photos of this room and add them to this post so you can see how it all works together. 

I hope this post lets you see how much impact something small like ribbon added to what you are already using in your decorations can have. The ribbon adds additional color, texture and pattern and will totally make things feel new and different not only to your family and guests but most importantly you. See you tomorrow, Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.

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