December 3, 2018

By Tab Byrum

It seems kind of unbelievable but we’ve made it to another December and it rolled back around SO fast. I love this month for so many reasons starting with today is my Dad’s birthday, Happy Birthday Pop!!!! Also, my birthday comes later in the month and then, of course, there’s Christmas and all the hubbub, pomp, and pageantry that goes with that. I love Christmas lights and all the outdoor decorations everyone puts up both fabulous and tacky. I’ve been busy decorating clients’ homes for Christmas since November 5th, I have another house I’m busy doing today and then another later this week for a client who moved right before Thanksgiving. The rest of this month I’m going to share some of the decorating I’ve done for others and in our home for the holidays, I’ll share some recipes of some of our fave holiday treats including cocktails and give you ideas for gifts for everyone on your list. Today we are starting with a look at images of December and all the 12th month of the year brings with it. I’ll see you back here tomorrow, Enjoy!!! (via)

Lanterns are EVERYWHERE this year and you can do so much with them. Like these guys, you can fill them with ornaments or you can do ornaments and add the new “faux” candles that run on batteries and remote control. That way if you forget to turn them off you don’t burn anything down. I’ve seen lanterns on lots of front porches this year as well as on coffee tables, fireplaces and kitchen islands.  (via)

Love these topiaries, so bright and festive and I would leave them out through the middle of February, you could add a styrofoam heart to the top of each one and heart picks in the ornaments in the bottom for Valentines. (via)

Of course, there’s nothing like a classic front-porch decorated with greenery, white lights and lots of red bows. Remember, there are so many amazing ribbons out there that they don’t have to be red. (via)

One of my favorite things about December is Christmas Candy. We always make lots with my mom and I make candy plates to take to clients. Above are the famous Crockpot Peanut Clusters. YUM!!!! (via)

And of course, we grow lots of peanuts in Oklahoma, mom texted me on Saturday and said she and dad had gone to one of the local peanut plants to buy peanuts to make Peanut Brittle. (via)

Every year I say we’re going to make time to bake and decorate cookies but it never happens, we’ll try again this year. Love these brightly colored cookies. (via)

These wouldn’t be too hard to do with the right cookie cutter, icing, and sanding sugar. (via)

I’m an oddball who LOVES fruitcake, never made it but why bother when you can order some amazing tasting and looking ones like this one from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, TX. (via)

As you may know, we love the movies at our house and we go as often as we can. This time of year there are lots of new movies coming out, some with holiday themes and not. In a few days, we’ll share a list of all the movies coming out between now and the end of the year to enjoy over the holidays. (via)

I’m also an oddball who loves the winter weather, even at my age I dream of a white Christmas. (via)

And last but not least are the Christmas decorations, not only do they help me make a living but I really enjoy looking at them. This is a new tree one of my clients had me add at her house this year for her grandkids and it’s inspired by the Grinch. We bought a 4-foot tree with some flocking and berries and used the colors from the movie to help choose our decorations. We have Grinch green ornaments, star, and tinsel. We also have bright red ornaments from when the Grinch dresses as Santa and of course, everything is covered in snow in Whoville so we added white ornaments with the flocking on the tree. We also found these fun signs featuring characters from the Grinch ad a red felt tree skirt with Red, White and Green pom poms on it. It’s a big hit with the kids. (my image)

This is a large tree and fireplace I do every year. It’s big and beautiful. (my image)

I also have a soft spot for ceramics and these Nutcrackers from Fitz and Floyd are part of a collection belonging to a client of mine that she’s had for years. I always love getting these out and displaying. I may even love them so much that I’ve found them online and bought some of them…maybe. (my image)

I hope you’re as excited about December as I am and have some fun activities planned. Check with us all month as share ideas for decorating, cooking, entertaining and so much more. Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Enjoy!!!

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