Hey There Tall & Purple ~ Liatris

March 5, 2019

By Tab Byrum

Last week I shared photos of floral arrangements I did in a client friend’s home for a lady’s party she was hosting and some of you messaged me and asked me what the tall purple flowers are that I used in the silver pitchers in her Living Room. Those are Liatris or you may also know them as Blazing Stars. I like to use Liatris if I need some height in an arrangement but don’t have enough room to use something like Gladiolus or Birds of Paradise. Liatris comes to us from the Sunflower family and is native to North America. I’ve gathered some images for you of Liatris in nature and used in some other arrangements other than the ones I recently did, I hope this gives you some inspiration and as always, Enjoy!!!

I would really like trying to grow Liatris in our backyard. I love the color and the height it has. (via)

Remember if you are using Liatris in an arrangement to strip the leaves off the bottom of the stem that’s going to be in water. The leaves will rot, dirty up the water and kill the flowers quickly. The leaves come off quite easily if you wrap your hand around the stem and gently pull down. (via)

Here you can see Liatris is used to not only add height to an arrangement but also some size or girth by sticking out horizontally. (via)

This is one of the arrangements I did last week, I just love the bright color and dramatic height Liatris adds. Isn’t that purple color gorgeous?

Here you can see Liatris mixed in with lots of other colors and beautiful flowers adding height and focus in the center. (via)

Yellow is the main focus on this arrangement with touches of Pink from Carnations and wonderful Purple Liatris. (via)

Liatris are fairly easy to find in the wonderful flower sections that so many grocery stores have. Pick some up and Enjoy!!!

I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration and ideas on using a fun and unusual flower like the Liatris to add height and color to your home. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon, Enjoy!!!

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