Creating A Floral Centerpiece On A Stand

April 29, 2019

By Tab Byrum

A few weeks ago I shared the decorations and food I did at a party for a client when she hosted a birthday party for her BFF, some of you messaged me and asked about the floral centerpiece I did on the coffee table. The piece was unique because it was in a crystal bowl on a stand and the bowl was shallow so it would hard to almost impossible to get flowers to stay in the bowl since you would have to cut the stems so short. Today I thought I would share with you how I created the centerpiece and the “tricks” I used to make it secure and full. I’ll share photos I took on my iPhone as I created the centerpiece and we’ll see what it takes to create the above-finished product. Enjoy!!!

To start off I soaked 2 pieces of Oasis floral foam in a bucket of water. The foam soaks up the water quickly and this gives you the base you need to have something to stick the stems of the flowers into. 

I then cut the pieces of wet floral foam into pieces that I could arrange in the bowl of the pedestal bowl. I started with a piece in the center then filled in with another piece on all four sides of the middle piece of foam. 

I used clear waterproof florist’s tape to secure the foam to the bowl. Both the foam and the tape are available at craft stores in the floral department. 

Looking at this photo again, you can see I attach one end of the tape to the underside of the bowl and take it across the floral foam and attach it to the underside on the opposite of the bowl I started from. You can see that I pulled the tape very secure where it digs into the wet foam, you want it to be attached nice and tight. I did an X across the tops of the 4 highest pieces and one across the piece in the center. 

After the wet foam was secured to the pedestal bowl I started adding flowers. I began with the Pink Alstroemeria leaving the leaves up around the flowers by stripping all the leaves off of the stems. I cut them down to size so there was plenty of stem in the foam to drink but long enough that the flowers could stick out just beyond the edge of the bowl. 

I went all the way around the edge of the bowl with a row of Pink Alstroemeria and this formed my base. Now I’m ready to fill in with the other flowers. 

Next, I added the small Green Hydrangeas I had bought. Many times I strip all the leaves off of Hydrangeas when I’m using them in an arrangement but this time I left the leaves closest to the blooms. I like how the leaves look in an arrangement like this and they also help to hide all the “mechanics” you have holding your arrangement up like the foam and tape. 

After the Green Hydrangeas, I added Peonies and Pink Carnations to fill in any holes I had and I added a few Pink Alstroemeria to the top of the arrangement to make it more cohesive and not have them just around the bottom row. 

After I was finished adding flowers I added water to the bowl. Be sure and keep the bowl as full of water as possible. The foam soaks up the water and the flowers drink the water from the foam. Since this was a crystal bowl I was able to see through the glass and see when we needed to add more water. 

And that’s how I created this Crystal Pedestal Bowl Floral Arrangement. I hope my directions are clear because this really isn’t that hard to do. I love doing arrangements in unusual containers.

I’m hoping in the days, weeks, and months to come to share more arrangements with you in fun, beautiful and unusual containers so check back often. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look at some wreaths I made with my friend Shana Myers over at Ink Stained Fingers, something you can order from us for whatever time of year or occasion you need. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

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