Easter & Spring Decorations

April 9, 2019

By Tab Byrum


A couple of weeks ago a client/friend called me and asked me to help her with a birthday party she was hosting for her best friend, so today and tomorrow I’m going to share with you what I did to get her house ready for the party and then what I did for the party itself. Today we are starting with the decorating. We decided to go ahead and decorate the house for Spring and Easter, my client has some beautiful Easter pieces she’s collected over the years and she gave me permission to use whatever I wanted. I have lots of pretty photos to share with you and will go into more detail on what I did with the photos. I hope you find some inspiration and enjoy the photos as much as I did putting the decorations together. Enjoy!!!

Let’s start in the Dining Room, here I used a beautiful green tablecloth my client has that she purchased from Williams Sonoma a few years back. A color like green is easy to work with because pretty much everything looks good with green. 

In the center of the table, I placed two large white bowls upside down and used them as “lifts” to raise the two large rabbits up in the center of the arrangement. Around those bowls, I used two pink feather boas to create a border and then I spread green Easter grass over the bowls to hide them and fill in the center of the table. 

On top of the bowls, I placed two large ceramic Easter Bunnies and filled in around the base of the bowls with brightly colored large ceramic eggs and I scattered small multi-colored eggs. 

Behind the Dining Table against the wall is a large buffet and on there I placed ceramic egg cups of different pastel colors my client has. In each of them, I placed Easter grass and an artificial egg. This brought a little bit of Easter color and theme to the buffet in the Dining Room. 

The above photo and below are taken from the main staircase of the house and gives you a look at both the Dining Table and Buffet decked out for Easter. 

Next, we move into the Entryway of the house and the table that sits in the curve of the staircase. This large floral arrangement sits on the table during the Spring and Summer months, so I lifted it off of the table and arranged a couple of sheer tablecloths on the table to make a home for the Easter decorations. 

In the “nest” of tablecloths, I arranged some really fun ceramic Easter rabbits in Green, Blue, and Pink. To them, I added three large pastel colored eggs done in a mosaic of clear glass on top. To that, I scattered lime green paper Easter Grass and a few more brightly colored smaller artificial eggs in lots of different colors. 

I took all these photos on my iPhone, I’m constantly amazed at the wonderful photos you can take on your phone now. 

Next, we move into the den, the heart of this home. This is a pass-through from the kitchen into the den and on here I used a ceramic vase. I filled the vase with paper then Easter grass then Speckled Easter Eggs. I placed a couple of other bunnies on the ledge. The big white one on the left was later filled pastel colored M&M’s. 

My client collects MacKenzie-Childs so on the sofa table in the den we displayed a bit of her collection of MC Easter decor. I used a pink gingham checked cloth on the table as a base and on top of that, I used an MC beaded table runner she had bought a few years ago. On top of the runner from left to right, I used an MC painted egg on a stand then a vintage-inspired MC Easter chick pulling a Courtly Check egg. In the center of the table, I used a crystal pedestal bowl she owns and filled it with both paper and plastic Easter Grass then displayed her MC Easter Egg collection in the bowl. I finished up the display with a Courtly Check pitcher (which will hold flowers at the party) and an MC Easter bunny. 

There’s also a wet bar in the Den of the home so I used this ledge sitting bunny on the front edge of the bar and filled a crystal bowl with more Speckled Easter Eggs from her collection. 

So, there you have a look at the Spring and Easter decorations we used as a background for a special Spring Birthday party. I had to share these pastel egg cups filled with grass and artificial eggs one more time, I think they turned out SO good. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Easter and saw something you might try in your own home. Check back tomorrow when I’ll share the flower arrangements I did at the Birthday Party as well as the food we served. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

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