Wreaths & Plaques For The Front Door

May 1, 2019

By Tab Byrum

Earlier in the Spring a client called and asked me to help her with some floral arrangements for her house, she and her husband were hosting a political fundraiser in their home for a candidate running for a local office. A day later she texted me and said she had just been informed that the Governor and First Lady of Oklahoma would be stopping by the fundraiser which I understand to be code for, “we need to up our game a little”. I did three floral arrangements, one was placed in the dining room on the table with the campaign literature, another was placed on the kitchen island where the snacks and hors d’oeuvres were going to be and another small arrangement in the downstairs powder room. She also asked me to come up with something for their front doors if I had time. I called my friend Shana from Ink Stained Fingers and told her I would be dropping off some painted wooden plaques at her house and needed her calligraphy skills on them, I also went online and immediately found a couple of boxwood wreaths and ordered them. I attached the plaques to the wreaths and hung them on the front doors of my client’s house and they look great. This is something Shana and I are definitely planning on selling on our new site when we are up and running. Here are some photos of our creations and I’ll go into more detail with pics. Let me know if you are interested or need anything for your doors, inside or outside, or for any celebrations or holidays. Enjoy!!!

Here’s a good look at how the wreaths we made looked on the client’s beautiful iron and glass doors. Shana tried to mimic the “B” on their front door mat when she painted their name on the plaque for the wreath, she did an excellent job. 

I asked the client if she wanted something for Spring or if she wanted to incorporate Easter and she opted for clean, green and Spring.

Black and White is timeless and the use of Black coordinated with the Black Iron Doors. I love how the beautiful Green Boxwood Wreaths look against the doors.

I’m always amazed at how quickly Shana can just sit down and write these things out with a pen or paintbrush…

…and they always look extraordinary. 

I also wanted to give you a peek at the flowers in the house. I used vases the homeowner already had. I did white Alstroemeria with Purple Liatris in the kitchen. 

I set the vase right in front of the faucet. The Kitchen Island was where all the food was going to be set out and if you do something tall then it doesn’t interfere and take up space with where you set the food. 

In their beautiful Powder Bathroom, I did a small vase on the sink and filled it with these gorgeous Anemones.

When in doubt remember that White Flowers go with everything and always look chic and elegant.

One last look at our Personalized Wreaths for the Bauman family. If you are interested in something like this for your home please let me know here or at tabulousdesign.com

Thanks for checking in with us today, I hope you’ve enjoyed our creations. Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!!!

Words and images are my own.

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