Women’s History Month 2017 ~ Sister Parish

March 20, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Sister Parish


In celebration of March being Women’s History Month, we are looking at women who have made history in our world in the field of design. Today we are focusing on the life of a great American Interior Designer, Sister Parish. Sister Parish is known for her use of color, prints, trim on draperies, hooked rugs, and needlepoint pillows. For a more in-depth look at her life and career click here to see the post I did on her birthday in 2015.¬†


Getting Horizontal

March 8, 2016

By Tab Byrum


There are always rules for everything, don’t run with scissors, say please and thank you and don’t wear horizontal stripes but that doesn’t necessarily apply to our windows. I keep coming back to window and drapery treatments that are done in horizontal striped fabric. I’m not quite sure what it is that appeals to me, I’ve always loved stripes, whether vertical or horizontal¬†and big stripes in bold colors. It is possible to find striped fabric to make the window treatments, but if you can’t find the color combination you’re looking for you can always have a reputable¬†seamstress/tailor or a fabric workroom make the drapes using fabric in the colors you want. I also think it would be fun to have a pattern on one of the colors, you know a navy and white horizontal striped drape with a navy pattern on the navy portion of the drape. I think the horizontal stripes are fun and dramatic and the bigger the stripes the better. Here’s a look at some examples of horizontal striped drapes, I definitely need these. Enjoy!!!

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Window Dressings 101

February 24, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I had a meeting with a client yesterday whom I’ve been helping with a new office, we were working on picking something to cover the large windows at the front of his offices. He needs something that will block out a lot of the UV and heat from the sun, the office faces south and gets a great deal of light for much of the year. While I was getting ready for this meeting and researching different types of window coverings it got me to thinking about all the different types and before I knew it this post was writing itself.


There are so many choices when it comes to ways to dress a window, do you want to simply make it attractive or do you need something that is utilitarian and serves a purpose, or perhaps a combination of both looking attractive and being functional? My client and I are leaning towards sun blocking blinds on the windows and fabric window panels to soften it and dress up the windows. Let’s look at the myriad of choices in how to dress windows, from blinds to shades and drapes, we’ll cover them all and hopefully give you some “enlightening” ideas. Enjoy!!!

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Adult Finds On PB Kids

February 1, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Every once in a while you find something in a place where you never really thought about looking, that’s recently what happened when I was perusing the website of Pottery Barn Kids and found a new line of merchandise intended for a nursery. The line is called Emily & Meritt and was created for PB Kids by fashionistas Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the line is not your average look for a nursery with colors being darker in the family of black, gray, tan, gold and some pink and blue thrown in.


I love how it all goes together and the way they’ve created fun items like a gold bunny lamp but made it mysterious and fun as well as the gold giraffe lamp. I’m definitely crushing on several of the pieces in the collection and am seriously considering a couple of the tables and lamps. There are awesome bookends that would be at home in your kids room or on the bookshelves of a study and the arrow curtain rods are very whimsical but also masculine. Join me for a look at this new collection and check out The Great to have a look at the fashion designed by these two talented ladies. Enjoy!!!

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The Leading Edge

August 10, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Leading edge detail is when the vertical inside edge of draperies are decorated with a ribbon, a decorative tape or some type of fabric that is in contrast to the drapery fabric itself but coordinates with the decoration of the room. There are some gorgeous decorative trims and tapes out there that are available at fabric and craft stores.


When I was a kid I remember everything had ball fringe on it, and ball fringe is still popular today. There are some trims that are very elegant and bring in very classic themes like a greek key or a floral element. Leading edge detail is a great way to embellish store bought window treatments, if you find something that goes with your room in a store but feel they are too plain or simple have a decorative edge added, this also applies if you are having drapes specially made for a room, purchase a less expensive fabric for the drapes themselves but then splurge a little on a trim for the leading edge.

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