Canola In The Country

April 7, 2017

By Tab Byrum

I went to see mom and dad yesterday in my hometown of Hydro, mom texted me before I left and said to bring my camera because the Canola was bloomed out and beautiful. It was a beautiful Spring day for pictures, the Canola is in full bloom and the sky was a gorgeous blue with big fluffy clouds floating by. We drove down old Highway 66 a few miles east of Hydro to a huge field of Canola and I took today’s photos. I think it’s amazing that something we use so much of, Canola Oil, comes from these fields of beautiful yellow plants swaying in the Oklahoma breeze. I thought this was a great way to end our week here on the blog, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these images from my little corner of the world. Enjoy!!!

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Frontier City Fun With Love’s

September 1, 2015

By Tab Byrum

It’s time to start thinking about wrapping up the Summer and moving on to Fall, but we managed to squeeze in some outdoor fun this past weekend. Michael works for Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores in their corporate headquarters and Sunday was their annual Employee Appreciation Day which was held at Frontier City, Oklahoma City’s amusement park located right off of I-35 that gives you dose of the Old West with corn dogs and funnel cakes sprinkled in.

FrontierCity2015 - 2

Now, before you start grumbling and groaning I have to tell you we had an awesome time, Michael or I neither one had been there since we were kids and it was great. They’ve really upped the ante as far as rides with several roller coasters like the Diamond Back and the Steel Lasso, they’ve also added one of the bungee cord rides, where once you’re released you swing out over the crowds of people and the pools of water at the Log Ride. We had a great catered BBQ meal, ran into old friends from college that work at Love’s also and made some new friends.

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Merry Christmas 2014

December 25, 2014

By Tab Byrum

MERRY CHRISTMAS Friends!!!!!  Christmas is my favorite holiday, there’s nothing like Christmas as a child but it’s still pretty good as an adult if you let yourself relax occasionally and enjoy everything.  When I was little we lived three hours from our family, so on Christmas Eve evening we would load up the car and head to Hydro after mom and dad got off work.


We always stayed with my mom’s mom, Minnie, and woke up to toys from Santa,  then mom, dad and I would have our Christmas before all the rest of our family came over for lunch and opening presents.  That afternoon we would head to my Great Grandma’s house and see all of the extended family on mom’s side of the family and have a “snack” then about 7 that evening we would go to my Grandma Byrum’s house for supper and gifts, when I look back at it, well it was exhausting.  Depending on what day Christmas fell on mom and dad would head home that night to be at work the next day and a lot of times I would spend part of the Christmas break in Hydro.  I have great memories of all those Christmases and wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I sincerely hope this day finds all of you in great life situations and with people you love.  Again, Merry Christmas. 

I’m going to leave you today with some images of Downtown Oklahoma City all decked out for Christmas, Enjoy!!!



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Oklahoma City 2015 – The Place To Be

November 26, 2014

By Tab Byrum

I have to do a little bragging on the city in which I live, it was recently announced that Oklahoma City is one of 20 Places You Should See In 2015 by National Geographic Traveler Magazine.  This is really amazing, it’s always seemed like Oklahoma City has had something of an identity crisis, but in the years since the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995 we’ve really gotten our act together.  The citizens of OKC have continued to vote in favor a 1 cent sales tax that is always earmarked for certain projects that make our city and our state more attractive to business and individuals.


( via )

We’ve totally revamped the once rundown warehouse area of town known as Bricktown, we’ve remodeled and built new convention and entertainment arenas, our State Fairgrounds have been given a facelift, we’ve built a state of the art Baseball park and the list goes on and on.  Today we are known by our OKC Thunder NBA team, where once in sports we were only known for college football.  Our local art museum is home to the largest collection of art glass by famed artist Dale Chihully and our economy thrived over the last several years where so many others stumbled.  Take a moment to look at this posting on the Nat Geo article coming out December 2nd, and if you ever get a chance come and see us sometime, we’re well worth the trip. 

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July 29, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Catstudio is one of those companies where the founders have been able to take what they love and turn it into a very successful business.


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From Paris to OKC: Gods and Heroes

July 16, 2014

By Tab Byrum


Beautiful banners used downtown to advertise the exhibit

I was very excited when I looked at the calendar to plan my week of posts on French design and then read in the paper that the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is playing host to a major French art exhibit throughout the summer.  Needless to say we made plans to attend as soon as we could which worked out to be this past Saturday, and with temps in the mid to upper 90’s, inside was a great place to be. Read More

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