477,800 Miles of Love

July 24, 2014

By Tab Byrum


“I love you to the moon and back”, it’s a phrase that I’m seeing and hearing more and more.  I really notice it a lot on Facebook, especially when mothers and grandmas are wishing their kids and grand children a happy birthday. It’s funny how when you start focusing on something, you suddenly start seeing it everywhere and that’s how it is with this phrase.  “To the moon and back” is available in so many incarnations and versions now.  There are signs, jewelry, pillows, posters, the list goes on and on. (above image via)

I tried to find out where the phrase started but couldn’t find any information that truly nailed down its origin.  I did find out that it’s been used for many years, having its roots with people that never dreamed of truly being able to travel to the moon.  It’s probably just that simple, once upon a time when space travel and landing on the moon was a fantasy for people, they felt that there was no greater way of saying “I Love You” than comparing it to the distance between us and our nightly visitor in the sky.

Here’s some Tabulous inspiration on bringing “I Love You To The Moon And Back” into your life. Enjoy!!!





Who wouldn’t love this little guy and his to the moon onsie. (via)




How fun, a moon pie as a gift with a special sticker (via)


I love this chalkboard painting, it would look great in lots of places (via)


What a great shower theme, here it’s for a baby boy shower but it could be changed up for a wedding shower or engagement party. (via)




Beautiful gold wire charm and pearl bracelet. (via)





So, what’s the special phrase around your house?  What do you say to your kids or grandkids to let them know how much you love ’em and do you have any special pillows or signs around your home?

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