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July 21, 2014

By Tab Byrum

ice cream_1
I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! There, I’ve said it and it’s out in the open.  So with yesterday, July 20, being National Ice Cream Day and the whole month of July being designated Ice Cream month, I decided to not only take a look at the frozen treat, but more specifically what’s available to get homemade ice cream from the mixing bowl to your favorite ice cream bowl.



Today we run in and grab a couple of scoops in a cup from Baskin Robbin’s or Braums, but my favorite is homemade ice cream.   The ice cream maker we have looks nothing like my grandma’s ice cream freezer, ours is short, silver and relatively quiet compared to the big wooden bucket contraption Mam-ma had with the loud motor.  Although, truth be told I would like to invest in one of those big wooden bucket freezers some day down the road.

So let’s take a look at what’s available in ice cream freezers and serving pieces, both retro and contemporary.



This is the type of White Mountain  freezer my Grandma had when I was little, my cousins and I spent many afternoons sitting on that thing while an uncle cranked and poured ice and salt on it, so glad when she bought the motorized version.icecream_5These glass bowls from Retro Planet remind me of what we used to eat from at the Drugstore or Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor in Tulsaicecream_16
I still see a lot of scoops like this, but with the pink handle it definitely reminds me of days gone by, Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you’re of a certain age you had a parfait or ice cream soda from one of these tulip glasses, available from Retro Planet



This is they type of Cuisinart ice cream maker we own, so easy to use.  We keep the bowl for the machine in the freezer and when we’re ready for a batch we combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour them into the machine, turn it on and in about 30 minutes you have awesome ice cream, kind of soft serve.


Isn’t this a gorgeous ice cream bowl from Crate and Barrel, love the lines of it.
icecream_13Crate and Barrel also offers this modern take on a waffle cone with a glass bowl, so fun


This Tovolo Tilt up ice cream scoop comes in several bright and fun colors

An updated version of the fluted top bowl, these gelato bowls from Rosanna would look great with any frozen treat in them

So, what’s your favorite flavor? Are you Retro, Contemporary or both.  Maybe you would like to make yours in the newer machine but eat from a retro bowl.  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on our favorite Summertime treat.

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