Gladiolus: August’s Flower Of The Month

August 6, 2014

By Tab Byrum

This month we are taking a look at Gladiolus.  Tall, majestic, beautiful, bright and bold: these are just a few of the words I would used to describe this member of the Iris family.  I use them a great deal either by themselves in a vase or mix them among other flower to add height to the arrangements.  I think Glads often have a reputation for being “funeral flowers” and you do see them in a lot of funeral arrangements but I think that’s just because they are available year round, come in such a wide array of colors and are just a great cut flower.


Gladiolus are very easy to work with, just strip off the pointed leaves growing up around the base, usually there’s a couple, snip off however much to get the height you want and place in your vase of water or arrangement.  If you’re not sure on how much to cut off just remember to start small, you can always cut off more but you can’t add it back on.

glads_10Alexan Events

Glads come in rich colors such as reds, purples, oranges which I use a great deal at the holidays and during the fall and winter months.  They also come in lighter bright pinks, yellows, white and light purples.

glads_4Pheasant Acre Plants

Pick up some Gladiolus at the florist, I even see them now at the grocery store, and take them home with you.  They will look great in a vase in your entry or on your kitchen island or maybe brighten up your bathroom with a vase of glads by the tub. Enjoy!!! 

glads_8Garden Club Back Bay
glads_9Alexan Events
glads_5Van Meuwen
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