Jane Troup

August 1, 2014

By Tab Byrum

“I live in the midst of an enchanted landscape where nature is my inspiration. There I find beauty in abundance; varied, complex, sublime.  Rather than copy it, I study it, and breathe in its brilliance. Then I create a painting that tells a most beautiful story.” Jane Troup


I love to surf the internet and look at sites featuring artwork.  Just like being able to play a musical instrument, the ability to paint a picture has always fascinated me.  While I can picture in my head what I want a room or entire home to look like, I really am fascinated by those with the ability create a picture in their head and then using a brush and paints, transfer those thoughts to a canvas and it ends up being a work of art.  That is how I feel about the work of Missouri artist Jane Troup, the way she uses colors infuses her works with almost a light hearted feel that makes me smile.  First of all, I love her subject matter which is very much about nature and animals and the fantasy feeling you get and think how much you would like to be in that painting. (above, Pond and Heron)


Morning Forest

I recently discovered Jane Troup while checking out the artful home website, join me as we take a look at her work.  I dare say, you won’t stop smiling.


Vase with Butterflies


The Observed and the Observer


Fields & Mountains


Tree of Dog


Landscape With Path


The Rabbit


The Dog House

janetroup_6Jane also does custom pet portraits, these are some examples


I definitely see a custom pet portrait in my future. Many of Jane’s works are available as giclee prints as well as original works of art. Please visit Jane Troup’s website or artful home to see more of her work and pricing.

All images are courtesy of Jane Troup
and artfulhome.com


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