Tabulous Transformations: From Schools To Homes

August 19, 2014

By Tab Byrum

My whole life I’ve wanted to take a  building meant for a specific purpose and transform it into a really cool home.  Growing up in a rural community I dreamed of transforming a barn into a house, I also thought it would be fun to redo an old church or even an unused school building.  In keeping with our Back To School theme of yesterday we are going to look at former school buildings that have been repurposed as homes and hotels.

Red Schoolhouse

These are located all over the country and even in Europe, but as we all know inspiration comes from anywhere at anytime.  So,  join me for a new version of School Open House and see what can be done with buildings to make them useful instead of tearing them down and building on the Tabulous Design that was already there.  Enjoy!!!!

Denver, Colorado


Check out the story here of this 19th Century Schoolhouse converted into a contemporary home

Catskill Mountains, New York


schoolbuilding_4Courtesy Country Living
Amazing story of an 1840’s jewel in the Catskill Mountains




Courtesy One Kind Design
This 1901 Schoolhouse is converted into a home for a family of 4

Portland, Oregon


schoolbuilding_9Image courtesy of The Fluent Self
This school opened in 1915 and closed in 1975, today it’s a Portland, Oregon hotel

Park City, Utah


schoolbuilding_8Image courtesy The Duane Wells

 This 1889 Schoolhouse has been transformed into an exquisite boutique hotel

St. Louis, Missouri


schoolbuilding_10Image courtesy of
Click below for a video tour of Lindenwood Lofts in St. Louis


Cincinnati, Ohio



Image courtesy
The former Walnut Hills High School is now lofts, known as The Schoolhouse Lofts

I think it’s marvelous how all of these buildings were saved and given a new purpose, really makes you think about saving our past and using it now in the present.

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