A Weekend In Big D, Part Deux

September 9, 2014

By Tab Byrum

There were two main reasons for our trip to Dallas, the first reason was Saturday afternoon and I’ll get to the second one later.  I had been hearing about a one man show called Buyer & Cellar, starring one of my favorite young actors Michael Urie.  You may remember Michael from Ugly Betty, I loved Ugly Betty and mainly watched for him and Vanessa Williams.  ANYWAY, I was determined to see this show,  I got online and found out it was only playing in LA, San Francisco and Dallas, we were free the weekend it was going to be in Dallas, so long story short, I bought tickets and we went


Side note, I LOVE THE THEATER!!!!!  Whether it’s a musical, a play or a symphony, whatever it is I’m there, I know, SHOCKING!!!  Thankfully my Michael is mostly up for anything…….mostly, but he was up for this one.  

Buyer and Cellar was written by Jonathan Tolins and is an odd premise for a play but brilliant when you see it performed.  A few years ago Barbra Streisand published a coffee table book entitled My Passion For Design, the book focuses on her home and compound she built in Malibu.


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 Under her home, Barbra Streisand had originally planned to use the basement for storage but changed her mind and decided to set it up as a little town with storefronts throughout the basement.


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 In the stores she has all her collections displayed, you know, a doll shop with dolls, an antique shop with antiques, etc.  All of this can be seen starting on page 190 of her book, so Tolins wrote a play focusing on what it would be like if Streisand hired someone to staff her little town and the shops within it and that’s where the play begins.  Michael Urie is the only actor onstage the whole time, telling the story of Alex the out of work actor with retail experience who went to work for B.S. in her own private shopping mall.


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 The play is hilarious throughout and a little sad in places and very poignant.  As you can tell I loved it, it’s totally fiction but there are times where you have to tell yourself that this isn’t true.  For now Dallas was the last of the performances, hopefully it will be back, since in my humble opinion the whole world needs to witness Michael Urie in Buyer and Cellar.  ( a little bonus, Michael Urie was staying in our hotel and we ran into him Sunday morning while checking out, I got to tell him how awesome he and the play are)


The all white stage set for Buyer and Cellar

We attended the matinee of the play so our evening was free for the second reason we traveled to Dallas, to see our friend Scott.  We have known Scott for close to 20 years, we’ve vacationed with him, stayed with him in his home and celebrated big birthdays.  Scott moved to Dallas a while back and we hadn’t gotten together since his move, so Michael and I took the train over to Scott’s place, saw his apartment,  went out for margaritas, then Thai for dinner and a long walk around Dallas on The Katy Trail.   It was so good to see Scott, he’s one of those people that we can always pick up where we last left off and it’s like we haven’t been apart.  We’re looking forward to a lot of trips and weekends with Scott now that he’s back in our neck of the woods.


Margaritas with our longtime friend Scott, and yes he’s single

Sunday was the trip home, but not without a quick trip to The Container Store (which you’ll read about tomorrow) and a stop at Ikea for a walk through and see if there was any inspiration to be had.


Loving the color on these shelves at The Container Store


Surely I can use this grey cabinet from Ikea somewhere


Someone I know is looking for a cart for the kitchen, this might work


What are your thoughts on a farmhouse sink in the kitchen?


Really like the industrial look of this faucet at Ikea

it’s always great to get away, even for just a couple of days.  Now to rest up from our weekend.  

Unless otherwise noted all pictures are my own.

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