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September 22, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Happy first day of Autumn, today is the official beginning of my second favorite season, and we’re taking a look at a ceramic artist.  I stumbled onto Gregg Moore and his creations the other day when I was flipping through a big store catalog and decided to look him up, and I’m so glad I did.


 Gregg and his wife Jackie have totally embraced the farm to table movement going on in America and have transferred that idea to their ceramic tableware.


 I can so see their creations in so many different uses,  there’s the obvious use of storing and displaying food but I can see the larger baskets holding flower arrangements.



 The Morgan’s live and work in Pennsylvania but have an Etsy store where you can shop and order with them online as well as being available in major retailers, definitely going to need some of these after our upcoming kitchen remodel.  Here’s more of the creations of Heirloom Home Studio, Enjoy!!!


Wouldn’t it be great to open the fridge to find your berries in these porcelain baskets?


Amazing how you can see in the porcelain, the wood grain and staples holding this basket together

All images are courtesy of Etsy and Heirloom Home Studio

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