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September 16, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Some or most of you may already know about Juniper Books, but I think they are such a cool and fun company that I couldn’t resist doing a post on them, their products and the work they do and especially since they deal in BOOKS!!!!!!


In this age of iPads and Kindle readers Juniper is a company still putting out books the old fashioned way, words printed on pages and bound between covers.  They also help their clients collect and display the books in the way that looks best in their homes.

 Juniper founder Thatcher Wine first started selling books online in 2001 after an internet startup he was working on didn’t happen, today Juniper is a very successful and rapidly growing company.


 Based in Boulder, Colorado Juniper grew from the love that Thatcher Wine has always had for the printed word.  Today they are known for helping people build their libraries and curating some incredible collections for people.


 In 2010 they introduced their decorative book sets which have proven to be very successful and are mainly sold on the Juniper Books website and  Wine and his crew work with designers from around the world to design the amazing covers for the books as well as trying to imagine what the authors themselves would think appropriate to cover their works.  Thatcher Wine says they try to bring some of the content from the inside of the books to the outside, using color, type, clean lines and “a fun sensibility”.


Join me today as we look at the art of curating libraries and the gorgeous book collections created by Juniper Books.  Enjoy!!!!

Curated Libraries By Juniper Books





Custom Book Sets by Juniper Books


Pretty in pink for this set of Jane Austen



Charles Dickens never looked so good as this custom set from Juniper Books


Customizable Book Sets


In the Customizable section you can pick up this set of 5 classics with your favorite chef’s name on them


This customizable set of 10 classics geared towards boys is awesome


There are more than 30 titles to choose from to really make this personalized set extra special

All images courtesy of Juniper Books

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