New Kitchen Possibilities

September 18, 2014

By Tab Byrum

If you’ve been following Tabulous Design since the beginning back in July you may remember that I talked about how our house is in need of a major “redo”.  We love the location of our home, it’s in a neighborhood of Oklahoma City called The Village.  We’re 5 to 10 minutes from literally everything: grocery store, malls, gym, turnpike, tons of restaurants, so we’ve decided to stay put (for now) and work on the house we’ve got, update it and make it the home we want.


That being said we are going to start with the kitchen, you know the room, the one with a refrigerator and an oven that you may or may not turn on very much, depending on your disposition.  We use the kitchen a lot, I LOVE to cook and I was raised by really good cooks, so this is the room we’ve decided to be the first one to get a major redo.


We had our first meeting last night with the “kitchen cabinet guy” and I’m even more excited now.  I pretty much know what I want, I’ve been on all the websites looking at pictures and of course pinning lots of things on Pinterest and I definitely noticed a pattern, White with Grey as an accent color.  I really want to lighten things up and be neutral, I want to get color from artwork and fabric.  So today I’m showing you some of the pics I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  What are your thoughts on white cabinets? Yay or Nay, I know they’re not for everyone.


I really like the effect they did with the big piece of granite or marble behind the cooktop for the backsplash.  Combining it with the tile looks very sharp ( in my humble opinion)






I keep waffling back and forth on the floor, whether it will be tile or wood, we’ve even contemplated having the concrete floor underneath buffed.


There’s just something about no upper cabinets that really appeals to me, really opens up a room, and our space isn’t large to begin with


As I said above we aren’t planning on a lot of upper cabinets, everything in them always gets overlooked at our house, so I’m definitely looking at open shelving or nothing at all on some upper wall spaces. 


I’m all about the drawers, the more drawers the better.  These days drawers are made big enough to hold most everything


and Subway tile, we both really like Subway tile.  Now we have to decide if we want to use a solid colored tile or one with a little pattern in it


We are definitely having an island and I’m leaning towards a grey island, thoughts?


I like this granite and again, Subway tile!!!!


We’ve told our “cabinet guy” that we want an island we can eat at as well as being functional for cooking and storage.  Love the X feature on this one, reminds me of barns


See, look at this Subway tile with some pattern in it.  I’m guessing this is Carrera marble.

If you want to see all the kitchens I’ve pinned on Pinterest you  can click here, definitely let me know if there are some that you think I’ve missed and should see.  I’ll keep you up to date as things move along.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest

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  • Donna

    I love all that you put up there!!! Love the grey. The only thing I’ve noticed is with white cabinets, they yellow over time. And show everything. At least my sisters did

  • gorillabuns

    Love subway tile and the huge white sink! I’m more for a solid subway tile but then again, I’m a monochromatic gal. Grey and white is a very nice touch.

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