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October 13, 2014

By Tab Byrum

I have a thing for anything that hangs on the wall, I love all kinds of artwork.  One of my favorite genres of art is posters, especially posters from the past.  Some posters have been copied so many times and sold in big box stores and on line that they’ve lost the punch they once had.  There are still a great many original posters to be had, and one place that I love to shop for posters is  

(Leonetto Cappiello)

I’ve perused their website for years and receive their emails alerting me of sales, especially for artwork done by particular artists, like one of my favorites Leonetto Capiello.


 Today I’m going to share some pics of posters I like from their site and give you ideas of where you could use them.  The colors, fonts and characters on these posters are beautiful, and they always add a big punch to any decor.  Keep in mind, authentic posters aren’t inexpensive, but one or two framed and hung in the right manner in a home can be very impressive. 



This dramatic work by Cappiello for perfume would be great in any room, 
especially with the bold blue and red.


I’ve had a copy of this Cappiello poster advertising hats for several years, 
it used to hang in the entry greeting people, but it’s been moved to the bedroom recently.


Wouldn’t this Gino Boccasile poster for olive oil look great in a kitchen or eating area?


This one would also be great in an eating or bar area.

These next three posters are advertising different car races in Europe.  They would be great for any guy or girl that’s into cars and racing, what teenage racing fan wouldn’t love these in their room?





There are 4 different color versions of this poster of Chanel perfume by Andy Warhol, 
great in a lady’s bedroom, bathroom or closet, as would the next two posters as well.



Travel posters are always popular, don’t we all wish flying was like this TWA poster, the second is for Rome and has images of the Trevi Fountain as it’s subject matter.



These last three posters combine the advertising strength of posters with the artwork and name recognition of Picasso, Chagall and Matisse, to advertise exhibitions of these famous artists work.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the world of poster artwork, it really is one of my favorite types of art.  Visit the Poster Classics website and see what sparks your interest.

All images courtesy of Poster Classics, the words are my own.

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