DIY: Fall Hanging Basket

October 2, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Several weeks back a friend from my retail days called, wanting me to take on a project in the neighborhood she lives in.  The neighborhood is gated and she wanted to hire me through their neighborhood association to decorate the gate house at the entrance of the addition.  One of my clients who I decorate their front door lives there, and she had seen my work and liked it.  So, I drove out got some measurements and did a little brainstorming and came up with grapevine around the top of the three sides of the gatehouse visible from the street, then I would go back and add fall garland to the grapevine.  I did it and it turned out great, but we needed something on this big blank wall at the back of the gatehouse, so I made a big basket full of leaves, pumpkins and berries.

 Today I’m going to show you what I did to create the basket and the finished product.  Here we go………..

I have my tools, a large basket from a big box store, silk foliage, flowers and styrofoam sheets from the local
wholesalers.  You can get at any of this at a craft store.

I had scissors to cut off tags, two sizes of snips for cutting the stems of the silk flowers and foliage and a knife for scoring my styrofoam.

I began by standing the styrofoam up in the basket and running my knife along the edge of the basket and scoring a line in the styrofoam, this way the styrofoam won’t stick up above the edge of the basket.  Then I placed the scored line on the edge of the work table and the foam easily snapped in half. I placed both pieces of foam in the basket and filled in around it with some other pieces of foam, keeping it all right below the edge of the basket. 

Next I started placing foliage in the foam, I began with my tallest pieces which were some Fall leaf stems. I placed them in the back piece of foam, since this is going to hang on a wall I’m able to do a flat back and not worry about having foliage drape out the back side. 

After my tall leaves were placed in the back I placed short bunches of fall leaves around the sides and front edge. 

Starting to take shape!!!

Next, I began filling in with the rest of my foliage adding stems with pumpkins and gourds attached and stems with more leaves and some berries.

Remember, artificials like these have metal stems that you can bend and manipulate to go wherever you want and fill in spots where you need something. 

Lastly, I added some gold colored flowers.

I used the flowers to fill in low spots all across the front and on the two sides. 

After a little more manipulation and bending to get everything where I wanted it, Voilà, we have a fall basket. 

Next, to install the basket where it needs to hang.  

I looped two pieces of florist wire and twisted them together on each 
end of the basket so we could attach the basket to the wall.  We measureed 
between the two wires to know how far apart to drill our holes into the wall.

So thankful for my other half,  he does double duty as a photographer and a handy man. 

We place an anchor and a screw in each hole, Michael held the basket while I twisted the wire around the screws, attaching the basket to the wall.

Remember,  you can take this same idea and do it in a smaller version for your front door, mailbox or anywhere you want to add a little touch of Autumn. 

All photos are my own.

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