London At Night

October 29, 2014

By Tab Byrum

One of my favorite things to do on vacation in a big city is to get out and explore it at night.  We did that a couple of times on our recent trip to London and it was so worth it.  The first day we were there we went for a nocturnal stroll and saw some of our favorite sights all lit up, another afternoon we took a water taxi trip up and down the Thames.


A night view of Tower Bridge from the Thames. 

 On the water taxi trip we saw parts of London that we probably would have never seen otherwise, and then were able to see some of the sights lit up at night, well worth the trip.  Come explore London at night with me, Enjoy!!!



A view of the financial district of London from the Thames. 


We sailed pass the Old Royal Naval College as the sun was setting. 


A closer view of The Tower Bridge. 


We exited the water taxi at the London Eye, this was the look back as we headed to Westminster Abbey. 


We headed towards The Houses of Parliament, I took this pic of Elizabeth Tower 
and the clock through the fence that surrounds Parliament and over the 
rooftops of the Parliament buildings. 


Some of the soaring towers of Parliament. 


From Parliament we crossed the street and headed to Westminster Abbey, this is the north
side of the Abbey where the public enters for tours, you can make out the  beautiful
stained glass on this side, lit from within the Abbey.


A closer view of the stained glass windows, gorgeous!!


The Great West Front Doors of the Abbey through the fence, this is where the Royal Family enters the Abbey
when they arrive for official state functions, weddings or funerals. 


More of the buildings around the Abbey at night.


A little night time window shopping at the Westminster Abbey gift shop. 


A beautiful lantern lit entry into the offices around Westminster.


Some of the beautiful decorations on the exterior of St. Paul’s, and a little shadow play.


A beautiful scene, the front of St. Paul’s, cobblestone streets and street lamps during a London rain storm. 

I urge you to get out and explore places at night, locations take on a whole different look and feel at night as opposed to the daytime.  In London we found that the crowds were almost non-existent at night, it’s almost like having the city to yourself.  Just use your best judgement and have fun.

All images are my own.

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