Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

November 27, 2014

By Tab Byrum

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, as a child it meant spending the day with my family, seeing all my cousins and amazing food.


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When I got older I worked in the grocery store in my hometown of Hydro, Oklahoma and since Thanksgiving is a “food based” holiday we were always really busy the week before and the week of Thanksgiving.  There were always big orders coming in on the grocery trucks to be unloaded, shelves and produce to keep restocked.  We delivered groceries twice a day at so there were always big orders to put together, load up the truck and get them to the customer’s homes.  I always loved delivering groceries, you were able to get out of the store for a while and see other people, many of whom were older and they were always glad to see a smiling face, I also got a few treats along the way and to do some taste testing since there was always lots of baking and cooking going on the months of November and December.



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 I think that’s why I enjoy all the lead up to the holidays, I love the crazy busyness that’s going on in everyone’s lives, and since I decorate people’s homes for the holidays I’m right in the middle of the crazy, sometimes I might even create a little of it.  



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Things are different today as far as holidays, as we lose some of our family members, especially grandparents, things change and it’s harder for families to get together as they grow.  I hope this post today finds all of you healthy and happy on Thanksgiving with plenty to eat and a warm place to be.  Try to relax a little today and rest before the madness of Christmas ensues, if you are with your family or if you’re not,  let them know you love them.  From our home on the Plains to yours wherever you may be, Happy Thanksgiving everyone, XOXOXO

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