Friday Artist: Cathy Broski

January 2, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Cathy Broski is a Missouri ceramic artist that I recently found on artful home.  She describes her own work as archetypal figures, whether it’s the human form, houses or boats, Cathy says she finds them all intriguing.  I personally am attracted to her dog sculptures, being a dog lover my whole life, I’m drawn to the playfulness of her canine sculptures.



Dog At Play With 3 Birds

The dogs in her sculptures seem to frolic and play and interact with other animals.  You can check out Cathy Broski’s many works here on her personal website or at artful home, join me today as we take a peek at these adorable dogs.  Enjoy!!!


Down Dog With Bird On Back



Down Dog With Bird On Head



Hitching A Ride



Playful Heart



Play Ball



Dog At Play



At Play With Bird


I love how much the dogs look like they have been carved from wood, but are made of clay.  


All images are courtesy of Cathy Broski and artful home.

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