Tabulous Tastemaker: Phillipe Starck

January 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Hotels, furniture, residential communities, today’s Tabulous Tastemaker Phillipe Starck designs all these things and so much more.  Born in Paris on January 18, 1949 Starck has today become a name synonymous with unusual beauty.  Phillipe Starck studied design in Paris at the École Comando, where his work and designs quickly caught the eye of famed designer Pierre Cardin, Cardin hired Starck as the artistic director of his publishing house. 


Style: "JBW"

From the beginning of his career Starck has campaigned and championed for a “democratic design” process, one where beautiful objects are designed and mass created so that everyone has an opportunity to buy and enjoy them, not just the elite.

Starck has also been a big proponent of mail order for people to have access to his work.  Plastic is one way Starck has endeavored to make his designs available to people, his clear plastic chair is now a design icon.  The Louis Ghost chair is based on a french antique and more than a million have been sold. 



Phillipe Starck is also known for his commercial design, especially in the world of hospitality, his hotel designs are legendary for unusual furniture, bright colors and out of the ordinary decor.  I remember the first time I ever stepped into a Starck designed hotel bar, I was bowled over and could barely pay attention to those around as I was trying to soak it all in.





Spa at Viceroy Miami


Lan Restaurant, Beijing, China


Mama Shelter Hotel Restaurant, Lyon, France


You can enjoy the work of Phillipe Starck the world over by staying in hotels he’s designed, dining in restaurants he’s conceived or even riding a bike he’s helped create.  Here’s to Phillipe Starck, a world class designer and artist, Happy Birthday Monsieur Starck!!!!





Starck designed bicycle for Peugeot, combining a bike and a scooter. 


Starck designed cuff watch


Royalton Hotel, NYC


A Starck designed juicer. 


Umbrella Lighting by Starck


Faena Hotel Restaurant, Buenos Aires, Argentina


A Starck designed area in the Yoo, Munich, Germany.


All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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  • Sharon

    Oooooooooo my favorite picture is the one of him Like the unicorn room in Argentina too I’m going to look up his hotels and go see them

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