Friday Artist: Ed Freeman

February 27, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Other than a few photographs of family and friends we don’t have any photographs in our home that I would say are art, I love photography as art and want to add some to our home, and I was so happy to find the photographic art of Ed Freeman on artful home.  Freeman works in the medium of Manipulated Photography, the photos he takes are done both digitally and on film, they are then scanned into a computer and then the magic happens.


The photos are edited and manipulated within an inch of their lives with skies being removed and replaced, doors and windows on building are moved and colors are greatly enhanced.  I love the way Ed Freeman takes these every day structures we see every day and edits them into something fun and beautiful.  Enjoy!!!






All images are courtesy of Ed Freeman & artful home.

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  • Sharon

    I actually have many photos as art Mostly things my son has taken Yes the universe but I also did a great collage of pictures he took of the desert It is combined with an Ansel Adams photo of cactus I also have a fantastic photo of a young girl in Africa that was taken by a dear friend of mine I love photography and appreciate what it takes to do great work These were wonderful

    • Tab byrum

      That’s awesome Sharon. We have some great ones we’ve taken in England and Paris that I want to print, frame and use in the house.

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