Tabulous Tastemaker: David Nightingale Hicks

March 25, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Use of bold color, mixing antiques with modern furnishings and using contemporary art, these are just some of the hallmarks of famed British interior designer David Hicks.  Born on this day in 1929, Hicks is most well known for his design work but also lived his life in the spotlight royalty adjacent, Hicks was married to Lady Pamela Mountbatten, a first cousin to Prince Philip and a great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  David Hicks began his creative work designing cereal boxes for an advertising agency in London and gained his first fame for interior decorating in 1954 when a British design magazine featured the apartment he had decorated for his mother and himself.

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Hicks went on to gain more fame for his design work when he partnered up with a restauranteur, Hicks would design and decorate the interior and his partner took care of the restaurant part of the business.  David Hicks had many well known clients, from royalty to captains of industry and Hollywood types.


A Retail Space Designed by David Hicks. 

In the 70’s and 80’s Hicks opened up shops around the world, he also got into photography, painting, sculpting and jewelry design and published 9 design books.

NPG x34116; The wedding of David Hicks and Lady Pamela Mountbatten by Madame Yevonde

David Hicks Marries Lady Pamela Mountbatten, January 1960.

He married Lady Pamela Hicks in 1960 and they had 3 children, two of whom became well known designers themselves, his son Ashley Hicks is an author and interior/furniture designer and his youngest child India is an author and well known interior designer.


Hicks Is Still Remembered Today For Use of Bold Colors.




The Hicks Designed Bedroom at the Albany in London. 


David and Pamela Hicks’ Personal Dining Room. 


A David Hicks Designed Room, Circa 1965.

Entry into David Hicks English Home. 


The Drawing Room at the Hicks’ home where Lady Pamela still lives today.

David Hicks’ personal library.


Another bold use of color on this grand staircase. 


David Hicks and Algy. 

David Hicks was a chain smoker and died from lung cancer in 1998 at the age of 69, as a last “job” he designed his own coffin.  Here’s to Tabulous Tastemaker, David Nightingale Hicks. 


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