Tabulous Tomes: Spring 2015

March 24, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Now that we are officially into Spring, I think it’s time we take a look at new Design books scheduled to come out in the next few weeks and months.  These are a few that caught my eye from a couple of my favorite publishers, here we go, Enjoy!!!


Cartier Panthère



Panther jewelry was perhaps made most famous by the Duchess of Windsor, she was often seen wearing a Cartier Panther bracelet or brooch and there were usually sapphires involved.  Cartier has always been known for the magnificent animal jewelry but the Panther has always been king of the Cartier Zoo.  This book, Cartier Panthère,  takes a look at the use of the panther in design with photos of famous owners wearing their Panther jewels as well as rarely seen drawings from the Cartier archives depicting jewelry creations as the designers transfer them from their imaginations to paper and eventually precious metals and stones.  If you are a jewelry lover this is a must have, click here to visit the Assouline website for information on this Tabulous Tome.

A Touch Of Style



Carlos Mota is a world renowned photographer, especially known for the photo shoots he’s put together for great design magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor.  This book is a collection of those amazing photographs, put together by Mota and published by Assouline. Known for his use of color and the flower arrangements he often adds to scenes he’s photographing, Mota’s book is a wonderful experience, seeing his view of the design world through a camera lens and what he feels is the best of the best.  Click here to visit Assouline publishing and learn more about this Tabulous Tome. 

Hôtel Plaza Athénée



Celebrating it’s first century in business, The Hôtel Plaza Athénée is chronicling those first 100 years with this wonderful book.  The hotel has just undergone a year long renovation and is looking ahead to the next century.  This tome gives us a peek into the grand rooms, hallways and guest suites that have been stayed in by the world’s movers and shakers.  You’ll read interviews with those who have been guests in the Athénée as well as be given access to documents that have never been seen before.  Step into the pages of this Tabulous Tome and enter the world of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, click here to visit the Assouline website for information on this book.

Windsor Smith Homefront



Designer Windsor Smith has taken the design world by storm over the last several years, and this is the first book put together to focus on her particular style.  Smith’s style has been described as “unbuttoned elegance” and this tome focuses on her vision.  Smith is known for her decorating philosophy and each chapter is devoted to one of her unique philosophies and how to get the end product you want.  Windsor Smith Homefront is available through Rizzoli and you can click here to visit the web page for more information. 

Miami Beach Deco



I love a good Art Deco building and Miami, Florida definitely has a lot of them.  Photographer Steven Brooke lives in Miami and is one of the people responsible for leading the campaign to save the amazing Art Deco architecture in Miami several years ago.  Now, this book chronicles the work to save and restore these buildings and shares photographs with us of the finished products.  If you have an architecture aficionado or Art Deco lover on your gift list this is the book for them.  You can click here to visit the web page to get more information on Miami Beach Deco from Rizzoli.  

Rachel Ashwell The World of Shabby Chic



Well loved, pale colors and comfort are some of the adjectives you might use to describe the decorating trend known as Shabby Chic, The World of Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell marks the 25th anniversary of the author’s work in the world of Shabby Chic.  This tome is more than just a picture book of photos of decorated rooms, in it Ashwell shares her trip through the world of Shabby Chic, what it’s like to run a business and a look at beautiful decoration.  Click here for more information on the book from Rizzoli

All images are courtesy of Rizzoli and Assouline.

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