Getting The Big Chill

April 15, 2015

By Tab Byrum


I’ve recently been working on a project, helping a client move into a new law office that he put into a building that’s over 100 years old. He had a vision of what he wanted it to look like as far as construction and a finished out space, he called me in to help him with the decoration of the space and furniture placement.  I was so happy when I went to the see the space for the first time and he showed me the break room area, he’s shooting for a retro vibe and totally got it by installing appliances from Big Chill.  I love the products from the Boulder, Colorado company, they capture the look of the 1950’s and 60’s appliances in form,  but function as 21st century appliances in how they work and the colors that are available. Big Chill also has a more current look with their Pro Line, but with these you get their amazing color choices on what most companies only put out in stainless, black or white. These appliances are awesome for folks restoring older homes, for those people wanting to capture a vintage feel in their kitchen or just add a splash of color. These definitely have me rethinking my kitchen remodel, I would love to have some of these beauties to greet me every time I walk into the kitchen.  Join me as we take a look at the products of Big Chill and see them in some finished rooms, Enjoy!!!


The Original Size Retro Fridge in Beach Blue


The Retropolitan Refrigerator, the retro vibe with modern form and function


The Pro Line Refrigerator, modern lines but great choice in Big Chill colors. 



You have several choices in cooking, the Retro Stove in Butter Yellow or the more contemporary Pro Range.


This pic is a great show of color from Big Chill in an otherwise very “normal” kitchen. 


Big Chill also offers wall ovens in their great colors and hoods outfitted with vents and lights. 




There are microwaves available as well as dishwashers in the both the Retro look and from the Pro line.



Very cool kitchen!!!!


This pic shows how well one piece with color from Big Chill meshes with a contemporary kitchen mostly done in stainless steel, I may have to seriously consider this for our kitchen remodel. 

All images are courtesy of Big Chill.

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