The House Of Bulgari

April 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Today we continue our look at jewelry design,  we’re off to Italy to check out the Italian Jewelry firm of Bulgari. Bulgari was started in 1884 in Rome by Greek jeweler Sotiorios Bulgaris, he had started his jewelry career in his hometown in Greece but immigrated to Italy in the late 1800’s, settling in Rome.  Bulgari has always been a leader in the world of fine jewelry, they are known for their over the top pieces and the combinations of brightly colored stones they use. Many of the designs from Bulgari are known for their use of large links of gold chain often decorated with diamonds and other stones.  One holdover from the glamorous 60’s is the use of cabochon stones, the rounded and highly polished stones, as well as their fruity and colorful creations.  Let’s step into Bulgari and see if there’s anything we like, Enjoy!!!


A bracelet using diamonds, rubelites, pink tourmaline and amethysts set in gold. 

AB 007

This is a perfect example of a cabochon stone, a 48 carat green Tourmaline mounted in a gold ring with diamonds and coral.


Chandelier earrings from the Bulgari Diva Collection. 


A diamond and turquoise fringe necklace from the 1960’s. 


On the left diamond, pearl and multi gem chandelier earrings, on the right a diamond and black pearl brooch from Bulgari. 


A High Jewelry necklace set in Pink gold.  The stones are diamonds, tourmalines, pink rubelites and green peridots. 


Elizabeth Taylor was one of Bulgari’s best and most prominent customers, here she’s wearing an Emerald Bulgari brooch as a hair ornament in the film The VIP’s.  Below is an Emerald ring that was a gift to her from her 4th (and 5th) husband Richard Burton. Burton once said the only Italian Elizabeth knows is Bulgari. 



This necklace is from the Bulgari Diva Collection. 


An iconic Bulgari snake bracelet and a pair of diamond and emerald earrings in yellow gold. 


Bightly colored Cabochon stone earrings on yellow gold.


A Bulgari diamond necklace, what more could a girl need?


This Bulgari necklace is circa 1967-1968 and is made up of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire cabochons. 


A famous diamond and sapphire sautoir necklace and a jewel encrusted Bulgari wristwatch. 


Diamond and Sapphire dangle earrings from Bulgari. 


A collection of Bulgari brightly colored necklaces, all in yellow gold with colored stones. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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