A Salute To Red White & Blue

June 29, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Growing up I had a red, white and blue bedroom, it had a little to do with patriotism and a lot to do with how much I liked the color scheme and we could find cool stuff to work with. I remember the wallpaper was striped with a white background that had red, blue and thin silver stripes on it (well it was the 70’s after all). I had the white plastic furniture for nightstands and shelving units from JC Penny’s that were square or rectangle and the legs were square and slid into square shaped slots on the bottom of the table tops or shelving units.  I loved that room, over the years we brought in a red metal desk and all kinds of other stuff that went with it.

I still have a weak spot for the RW&B color scheme, there’s just something about it that speaks to me, so I thought this 4th of July week we would take a look at decorating with our national colors both in a patriotic way and because it always looks sharp. So, check back every day as we look at decorating in our national color scheme, Enjoy!!!


What a wonderful greeting. 


RW&B is a color scheme that looks great in several different decorating schemes. Here it works with the country and cabin look……


…..as well as in a nautical themed home, whether you’re by the ocean or on a lake RW&B always works. 


Lots going on here with a floral, stripes, checks and cable knit, but there’s lots of white to tone it all down and tie it together. 


I think this image is a great look at RW&B in a contemporary decorating scheme. The artwork, accessories and zebra rug keeps it all from going too wonky. I do LOVE that sofa though. 


This room was done by Oklahoma designer Charles Faudree, it shows a wonderful way to use our color scheme and combine patterns. 


Again, the RW&B color scheme works really well with all the wood and stone in a country or cabin look. 


Gorgeous chairs. 


A wonderful example of how simple and elegant RW&B can be, especially with the fabric used on the drapes and the touches of green and yellow the drapery fabric adds to the mix. Notice how everything is very grounded with a neutral sisal rug on the floor, white chair rail on the walls and neutral grass cloth above the chair rail. 


Another RW&B blue with a little coral thrown in for good measure. 


Such a great boys room, that ceiling is awesome!!!


This is one of my favorite rooms in this post today, I love the color and treatment on the walls, it reminds of the blue chambray work shirts my dad has always worn. 


Don’t forget to treat your front porch as another room of the house, wouldn’t you love to sit here and chat?


A large-scale wallpaper is offset with an equally strong red mirror and supported with white accessories. 


I’ve shown the hallway before in a post on Miles Redd, but it’s still gorgeous. Blue lacquered walls and red upholstered doors and white furniture with black leather upholstery to tie into that amazing marble floor. 


The drapes here are a great jumping off point, giving us all the colors to work with in the rest of the room. Notice how all the light fixtures from the chandelier to the lamps are all the same colorway, and the drapery rods are painted red to match the drapes and almost disappear. 

A beautiful sun porch in RW&B, I’ll be here if you need me, reading a book and having a glass of tea until 5 then we’ll change to RED wine of course. 

So, thoughts?!?! Would you embrace Red, White and Blue for every day in your house or is it just too much? Love to hear your thoughts, have a great day!!!!

Unless otherwise noted, all images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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