Awesome Dessert From House Of Brinson

June 8, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Hello, I thought I would do a bonus post with you on this Monday afternoon and share a great dessert I made over the weekend. I was inspired when I was reading the House Of Brinson blog and saw their post on Summer Meringues and Blackberry Sauce, I’ve made meringue cookies many times before, they’re one of my favorites, so I thought I would try this. A friend of mine has blackberry bushes on her property and she gave me blackberries, I followed the recipe for meringues and sauce and it was amazing.


 I doubled the recipe on the sauce and believe me we will be eating it on ice cream and whatever else we can come up. My meringues didn’t turn out as well as before when I’ve made them, but it’s been really humid here after all our rains a couple weeks ago, they were still good and the sauce made them even better. I’ve been seeing blackberries at the grocery store, so do yourself a favor and if nothing else make this simple sauce and try it on ice cream, pound cake or waffles, it’s AWESOME. (click here to go directly to the recipe)

The words are my own, image and recipe from House of Brinson.

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