Chateau de Malmaison ~ A Lady’s Home

June 23, 2015

By Tab Byrum

“I wish that Malmaison may soon become the source of riches for all”
Josephine de Beauharnais

 Today would have been the 252nd birthday of Empress Josephine of France, Josephine was Napoleon’s first wife, so I thought in remembrance of her on her special day we would look at her home just outside of Paris, Chateau de Malmaison.


 The chateau was purchased by Josephine in 1799 for she and Napoleon, at the time he was out of the country on the Egyptian campaign of his quest to rule the world. There are some who say he was furious at her when he returned home for making such a lavish purchase, she paid 300,000 francs for the house and 150 acres.


The chateau was in a great state of disrepair, eventually Napolean came around and hired people to restore it to its former grandeur. Chateau de Malmaison would be the home of Napoleon and Josephine for the next several years, and after they divorced in 1809 she would continue to live there until her death in 1814. Chateau de Malmaison was known for it’s beautiful interiors and gardens then and still is today, you can visit the chateau year round as it’s now part of the French National Museum system.  Let’s take a peek into the home of an Empress, Enjoy!!!


A good view of all the decorative painting on the interiors of the chateau. 


The Library, it’s hard to know where to look with that beautiful floor and ceiling. 



I love all the colors that are used throughout Malmaison, the black and white marble floor is stunning. 


A painting of life at Chateau de Malmaison. 


Again the beautiful floor, I’ve read conflicting reports about the decorative marble on the walls, that it may actually be decorative painting. Calls for more investigating. 




Gold was obviously all the rage at the time.


A view of the back of the chateau from the famous Malmaison gardens. 


A beautiful room with Greek or Roman scenes painted around the top as a border. 


A better look at the rug from the above picture, love the colors and the swan motif. 


This is the famous “Napoleon Crossing The Alps” painting by French artist Jacques-Louis David. There are 5 of these paintings, each one a little different than the others, this is the version that hangs in Chateau de Malmaison. 


One of the bedrooms within Malmaison. Interior design of the time was greatly influenced by Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt with Sphinx heads on the bedposts as well as the washstand holding the bowl and the arms of the chairs. 


A closer look at the bedposts as well as the wave trim added to the edge of the draperies over the bed. 


I love walls draped with fabric, on this wall hangs a portrait of a young Napoleon. 


A painting of Malmaison on a French picture postcard.


Another of the opulent bedrooms at Chateau de Malmaison. 


Sleeping at Malmaison was definitely an experience with all the beautiful fabrics, furniture, rugs and artwork. 


As you approach Chateau de Malmaison, coming up the drive. 


The Chatelaine and decorator, Empress Josephine. 

I hope you enjoyed this look into a beautiful French home and peeking into the life of a former first lady of France. Au Revoir!!!!

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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