Friday Artist: Jason Laurits and Paste USA

June 26, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Our last Friday artist for the month of June is Paste USA, another artist in the Chelsea Market in NYC, we were cutting through the Market late one evening heading back to the hotel and I saw t-shirts hanging in a window and knew I had to come back when they were open. Jason and Paste USA take pop culture images and transfer them to t-shirts and other items like no one else, the one that caught my eye was his Mickey Mouse and I bought Michael the shirt with NYC in a light bulb.


Jason was born and raised in Delaware but has lived in Miami, LA, London and now in Brooklyn, he primarily applies his graphics to t-shirts and swim trunks but is branching out into wall art, glassware and playing cards.  I love Jason’s creations, they’re fun and maybe a little irreverent such as Lady Liberty wearing shades and a big gold chain with “Brooklyn” dangling off of it. There’s also Abe Lincoln dressed as a pirate and Frankenstein wearing a tiara. If you’re into fun and different check out Paste USA (click here), until then join me for a peek at Paste USA’s products. Enjoy!!!




“King Kong Squirrel”


“Damn Girl”






“Brooklyn Liberty”

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