Old Glory Inspiration

June 30, 2015

By Tab Byrum

The American flag is not only a great source of patriotism, it’s also a source of inspiration, even when it comes to decorating our homes. Many a child has grown up in a bedroom inspired by the flag, people collect flags and have them framed and hung on the walls and people emulate the flag, creating it in materials other than fabrics.


My parents have the three flags that graced the coffins of my grandfather and 2 uncles, they are framed in triangular boxes and sit in my parents living room on top of the bookcase/entertainment center. These flags on display aren’t meant to be morbid, just respectful and a way to remember those in our family who have served and gone on. Today we are going to look at using the American flag as a design and decorating feature in your home and not just during the Summer/Patriotic season, but year round. Enjoy!!!


A literal hall of flags. 


Wouldn’t this be great in a little slugger’s bedroom or a baseball crazy man cave. If you look closely you can see that the bats are cut in half so they hang flat on the wall. 


I love the simplicity of this whole picture, with the flag as the only decoration. 


There’s a lot going on in this room so why not throw in a flag covered sofa, but it works. 


Simple and tasteful is always good. 


Great item to make for a crafty sewer person, especially if you’ve collected buttons. 


I know some people would say this flag should be destroyed properly since it’s so worn, but I really like this photo and space. 


A great look with a punch of red on the floor, bench and the wall. That floor is amazing. 


I think this is very cool with the black and white theme of the room and then to hang a flag, really sets the flag off. 



I apparently have a thing for brick walls, old wooden floors and old flags hung on the walls. If I’m correct that flag only has 32 stars. 


I know this isn’t the correct way to display an American flag, but I like the pic. 




Great combination of “stuff” in this picture.



I saw several  pictures while putting this post together of flags used as window coverings.


Another great way to celebrate Old Glory and the Great American Pastime. 


What a great room to stay in whether you’re a kid or an adult. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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