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July 1, 2015

By Tab Byrum

4thJuly2015 - 13

I thought today we would do a Dollar Decorating for the 4th of July, focusing on decorations for a table, whether it’s a dining table, buffet table, coffee table, any of these can be adapted to work for what you need. I did four different looks with different tablecloths flowers and containers, keeping the same napkins, plates and decorations. A shout out and Thank You to our friends Donna and Geoff Potts for letting us use their pretty patio and pergola for the photo shoot. I’ll tell you more about what I did along the way. Enjoy!!!

Look No. 1

4thJuly2015 - 1

With the first look,  I started with a white tablecloth I already had and scrunched it up in the center of the table. I laid a blue plastic plate in the center and on that I set a red plastic tub filled half way up with water and full of white hydrangeas. The plate and tub both came from Dollar Tree for $1 each. 

4thJuly2015 - 4

To the hydrangeas, I added red white and blue pinwheels from the Dollar Store around the perimeter of the flowers. 

4thJuly2015 - 5

4thJuly2015 - 6

I then added 4 flags to the spaces between the pinwheels, this was a package of 4 flags for $1.99 from At Home. 

4thJuly2015 - 7

I also bought these anchors for balloons at the Dollar Store, which look great by themselves or with balloons attached. 

4thJuly2015 - 8

They add a great bit of pizazz and sparkle to the table.

4thJuly2015 - 10

I then added the paper plates and napkins to the table along with some patriotic paper fans and balls for an extra little punch. 

4thJuly2015 - 12

4thJuly2015 - 14

and ta da!!!! Instant 4th of July!!!!

Look No. 2

4thJuly2015 - 15

For the second look, I changed to a white ceramic pitcher, this time using blue hydrangeas and added red carnations for my punch of color. 

4thJuly2015 - 16

Replacing the white hydrangeas with blue hydrangeas and red carnations gives you a completely different look. I kept everything else the same. 

4thJuly2015 - 17

4thJuly2015 - 18

Red white and blue never looked so good. 

Look No. 3

4thJuly2015 - 19

I completely went another direction with our third look, a little more country if you will. Started with a red checkered tablecloth, I ordered a packet of four plastic tablecloths in four different colors from Amazon for $2 each.

4thJuly2015 - 20

This time I added bright sunflowers to our white pitcher, we’ll get our holiday colors from the tablecloth and other decorations.

4thJuly2015 - 22

4thJuly2015 - 23

I went back and added some of the white hydrangeas to the sunflowers for an even brighter look. 

Look No. 4

4thJuly2015 - 24

This last look is probably my favorite. I traded out the tablecloth again, this time for a vintage one with red checks and fruit on it. I changed out the flowers in our white pitcher to white hydrangeas with a few red carnations and add blue delphiniums to the center for height and hit of blue to get our whole patriotic color scheme in the centerpiece. 

4thJuly2015 - 25

4thJuly2015 - 27

I laid the paper plates on the blue plastic plate and the napkins beside it. 

4thJuly2015 - 29

I laid the paper fans flat on the table with the balloon anchors in the center of them, this looked great. 

4thJuly2015 - 31

I went back and added a couple of flags to the arrangement for a little extra kitsch. 

4thJuly2015 - 34

I really like this look and can see this in several different places, imagine it down the center of a buffet table or a big dining table. You can have this set up in the very center and then have fans and balloon anchors scattered down the table and small containers of RW&B flowers every so often. 

So, which of these is your favorite? Let me know what you think and if you decide to use any of these looks or suggestions for you holiday decorating. Have a great day and a Happy 4th of July!!!!

All the words and photos are my own.

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