Design Blockbusters: North By Northwest

July 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Today’s movie house is another home featured in an Alfred Hitchcock directed film, North By Northwest. NBN starred Cary Grant as a man who is mistaken for another man, he’s accused of murder and sets out to prove his innocence. In the effort to clear his name, Grant’s character embarks on a cross-country trip that culminates in a fight scene on top of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, before the fight scene there are several tense minutes inside a gorgeous mid-century home that supposedly sits on top of the famed national monument and today we are going to look at that home.


The house was meant to look like it was designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Hitchcock wanted Wright to design the house for the movie, but his fee was too high so they had to look elsewhere. The home is all wood, glass, and stone inside and outside with one end of the house jutting out over the edge of a cliff. This house looks wonderful set in the mountains and has always been one of my favorite “movie houses”. Here’s a few snaps of the North By Northwest house to jog our memory and your inspiration, Enjoy!!!


You can definitely see the Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration in this house created for North By Northwest


Grant’s character, Roger Thornhill, approaches the house to finally find out the truth and his love. 


The bad guys, played by James Mason and Martin Landau, plot their escape in the elegant mid-century living room. I love all the wood, glass and stone in this room and the minimal amount of furniture. I love the use of all the table lamps in this movie house, notice them in all the pictures to follow. 


Here’s a better look at the other side of the living room and the beautiful stone fireplace as Eva Marie Saint’s character, Eve Kendall, tries to plot her escape. 


Eve goes upstairs to pack and you can see the extensive use of stone throughout the house. 


Yet another view of the living room, the double front doors and the staircase leading upstairs to the bedrooms and more good lamps. 


This view gives you a look at the built in bar and the swiveling television set built into the end of the bar, I WANT that rug. 


I could definitely get used to living here, too bad it was all just paint, props and ideas, but it was a beautiful idea. 

Do you have a favorite home in a Hitchcock movie or any other film? Have a great day!!!!

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