First Birthday For Tabulous

July 7, 2015

By Tab Byrum

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I have to toot my own horn right now and let everyone know that Tabulous Design is 1-year-old today and I feel pretty good about where the blog and I are. I’ve completed and posted 327 blog posts as of today, I’ve had my first collaboration recently when I did posts about books from Assouline Publishing, Assouline provided me with information and photos of and from the books and I wrote up the blog posts using what they gave me. I went to my first blogging conference this past January in Salt Lake City, I made several new friends and contacts, learned lots of good information and several helpful tips for the blog. I took a Photo Shop class a couple of weeks ago to help me learn how to manipulate pictures, making them look better for the blog. I haven’t made any money off the blog but I’m definitely having a great time doing it and I’ve learned a ton of information about a ton of subjects. The blog is allowing me to combine two things I’ve always enjoyed, writing and design, with my first degree being in Journalism and coming to the world of design in a round about way. I plan to forge ahead and keep writing and posting every day, if you have any ideas for posts please let me know, something you’re curious about or have a design question you want to answered, never hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’m hoping to have more collaborations with companies involved in all aspects of design, artists and people who have awesome ideas and make them happen. Thank you for all the encouragement and I look forward to another year of Tabulous Design. Enjoy!!!

1st anniversary

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