From Storage To Stylish: Ginger Jars

July 6, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Ginger Jars are one of those decorative accessories that started out as something completely different, in this case, a method of storing food and spices in ancient China. True antique ginger jars are made of porcelain and decorated with hand painting, they come in all sizes, but usually the same wide shape with a domed lid on top. Ginger jars come in a wide array of colors, with each color meaning something different. Yellow was the color of royalty and was the color of jars given to the emperor, white is the color of jars given as wedding gifts, red is prosperity and the most prolific we see today is blue and white.  Today you will see ginger jars in all sizes and colors used in decorating mantels, tabletops, turned into lamps and huge ones on floors. I thought today we would take a look at some ginger jars in decorating schemes, then I’ll share some for sale from the online purveyor, Polyvore. Enjoy!!!


This is a great classic example of what can be done with ginger jars and other pieces of blue and white porcelain. 


I always think a pair of these huge jars on the floor is very impressive. I love the jars with the stained piece of furniture and the more modern black and white photos on the wall. 


Chevron is still everywhere. 



A much more traditional looking ginger jar.


Ginger jar lamps always look great, most lamp repair places can help you with the wiring and drilling. 


Ginger jars are also a great way to fill an empty space.


A great pair of ginger jar lamps.


This may be my favorite photo today, very calm and clean. 

Ginger Jars Available From Polyvore


Love this white filigree look from Polyvore and ZGallerie.


I seem to have a thing for filigree ginger jars, a gorgeous black version from Polyvore.


Very traditional gold ginger jar from Polyvore and Oriental Furniture.


A silver version of the filigree ginger jar from Polyvore and ZGallerie.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest and Polyvore where noted.

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