Independence Day Decorations

July 1, 2015

By Tab Byrum

4thJulyDoor - 16

I had a phone call last week from the neighbor of one of my clients asking me if I could possibly help her with some decorations on the front of her house for the 4th of July.  She has a party every year and likes the front of the house to look festive when their guests arrive, she had someone else do something last year but just felt like it lacked something and she had seen what I do at her neighbor’s homes during the holidays.

4thJulyDoor - 4

I used the existing anchors that were in the stone on the front of her house to attach the decorative mesh around the front entry, made new wreaths for the front doors and placed flags in the big pots on her front porch and a few more flags in her flower beds.  I think it turned out great and the client is very happy, a little red, white and blue goes a long way in creating a festive atmosphere. Here’s some pics of the decorations, Enjoy!!!

4thJulyDoor - 11

I love these Uncle Sam hats to add some depth to the decorations.

4thJulyDoor - 13

These stars are great to add a little pizazz to the decorative mesh ribbon. 

4thJulyDoor - 12

I was going for a messy barber pole look. 

4thJulyDoor - 8

I found wreath forms at a local floral wholesaler and used the same blue mesh ribbon as is on the arch. I wrapped the metal wreath form with some of the mesh ribbon so it wouldn’t scratch the client’s metal doors. 

4thJulyDoor - 9

There are lots of tutorials on Youtube for making mesh ribbon wreaths that are easy to follow, then I added a couple of red stars to tie the doors and the archway together. 

4thJulyDoor - 5

The flags in the pots were as easy as just sticking them in the pots and they look great flapping in the wind. 

4thJulyDoor - 14

4thJulyDoor - 3

There you have it and this set-up can easily be used for all the holidays. Happy 4th!!!!

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