Opposites Attractive

July 29, 2015

By Tab Byrum

One of my most favorite things is a black and white tile floor, whether it’s in the entrance of the house, the kitchen floor or the powder room, a black and white tile floor has a very big and powerful impact.


I think I’m so attracted to it because a B/W floor is so eye catching, as I’ve told you before I love old movies and I remember being able to tell in black and white films that a floor was black and white tile and thinking how cool it looked. A B/W tile floor was one of those things that I didn’t really think I would have but I’m leaning more and more in that direction when we redo the kitchen, and since the kitchen is right around the corner from the front door and the hall leading to the bath and bedrooms I would like to take it down that hall and the entry. We are already planning on doing white cabinets in the kitchen and I was going to do a gray island, but I might change that to a black island. I may change my mind again before the project gets going, but for now that’s the way I’m leaning, I’m going to share some pics with you today of beautiful floors, personally I’m leaning towards the more traditional B/W tiles, maybe set on the diagonal, although some of these are amazing and gorgeous, a few of them even look like quilt blocks (like above). Enjoy!!!



These first three photos are examples of floors I was talking about that look like quilt patterns.


I love everything about this room. 


I usually don’t like galley style kitchens, but I could definitely work in this one. I like how the return air vents over the doors mimic the black and white color scheme of the rooms. 


Black and white floors work in all decorating schemes whether it’s contemporary or something more traditional like this home. 


I can’t decide about the borders I’m seeing on some of the floors and as you can see this is done in an add-on, to the left is the stone facade of what was probably the original structure. 


This a great example of a more contemporary floor, the squares set on the diagonal and every other one is different as you can see by the alternating centers of the squares from black to white. 


This herringbone pattern is wild but beautiful, I don’t know that I could live with it in my home every day, but it’s awesome. 


This is still may favorite, black and white tiles set on the diagonal, classic, clean and beautiful. 



This floor is beautiful, imagine the time it took to cut and lay all those tiles. Although, today tile comes in all shapes and sizes so there may not have been as much cutting as we think. 


This classic B/W floor has a gray vein running through the white tiles, this works well with all the gray we are seeing in home decor these days. 


When I first look at this picture I always think it’s a houndstooth design, I’m guessing that this tile scheme came in sheets instead of having to lay individual tiles. 


Love this floor, and the blue paint and accents in this bathroom. 



Stripes are always good, beautiful black paneling and woodwork. 


This is a wonderful example of a more contemporary B/W tile floor, very Art Deco. Notice how the design of the floor mimics the iron design of the door at the end of the hall. 


I really like the B/W mixed with gold and brass. 


This is a great example of getting a lot punch from black and white in a minimalist room. 


Black and white works with all colors, look how it punches up this green traditional room.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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