Design Blockbusters: A Single Man

July 7, 2015

By Tab Byrum


In 2009, the worlds of cinema and fashion collided and the result was A Single Man, the story of a 1960’s English professor (Colin Firth) dealing with the death of his lover. The story was originally written by Christopher Isherwood and was brought to the screen by fashion legend Tom Ford. Ford is known for his beautiful silhouettes in fashion for both men and women and he didn’t disappoint in his first outing in film-making. Instead of building a set for the home of Firth’s character Ford used a home referred to as the Schaffer residence, designed by architect John Lautner and built in 1949 in Los Angeles. I love everything about this house, it definitely sets the mood and transports us to the 1960’s and looks very masculine. On the other hand, Firth’s best friend is Julianne Moore and her home is the perfect abode for a well to do woman, very 1960’s feminine chic. If you haven’t seen A Single Man check it out and check out the mid-century charm of the homes, decor and the beautiful clothes used by first-time director Tom Ford, be ready to shed a few tears though. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite, Enjoy!!!


a singleman_11

The home sits in a wooded valley at the bottom of the Verdugo mountains and is said to be very hidden, that explains how they can get away with so much glass. The exterior of the house is redwood, brick, glass and stone. 


What a wonderful place to sit and dine, read and just relax. 


The same materials on the outside of the house are carried out through the interior, I love all the brick and wood. 


That kitchen is still great, just update a few appliances and voila!!!


A very simple bedroom, again tasteful and masculine and not overdone.


Julianne Moore’s character’s home is all light colors with pinks, corals, and much softer tones. Very glamorous. 


You can really see the color palette for her home here in her dressing and makeup area, love the print and Ikat on the drapes. Notice the gown off to the left, ready to go out for the evening. 

This movie is beautiful in so many ways, from the tragic story of the characters and their “unspoken” love to the clothes they wear, the cars they drive and the homes they live in. A Single Man is a true gem to behold in the worlds of film and design, hopefully just the first of several beautiful films made by Tom Ford. Have a great day. 

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