Design Blockbusters: It’s Complicated

July 9, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Today we are looking at movie #3 with great design, It’s Complicated, the 2009 Nancy Meyers love story starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin. In this film Streep stars as Jane Adler and Alec Baldwin is her ex-husband Jake, Jane is a successful caterer and restaurant owner, following their divorce 10 years earlier Jane bought a beautiful Spanish style home on a large piece of property and this house along with her lovely restaurant are true standouts. Jane decides she wants to go ahead with a long-planned addition to her home of a large master suite for herself and the kitchen of her dreams, enter the architect Adam Schaffer played by Steve Martin.


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Long story short, Baldwin’s character is unhappy with his second and much younger wife and he and Jane begin an affair before she meets Adam, Jane and Adam find themselves falling for each other but Jake can’t let go and continues to stir up trouble, but of course all ends well. This movie is beautiful, with shots of the ocean and the rolling hills of California. Jane Adler’s home is homey and elegant but not over the top, anyone could definitely be comfortable here. I love the kitchen of her house, the tile floors, and all the beamed ceilings. If you haven’t seen It’s Complicated check it out and find some design inspiration and ideas. 


Jane contemplating her life in her dining room with a view of the kitchen

Untitled Nancy Meyers Proj.

I’m a sucker for all white kitchens and Carrera marble and this one is no exception. I also love the black metal windows throughout the house. 


The view out this kitchen window is into the parking court and garage area, the matchstick blind is casual but chic.


The living room is full of casual slipcovered furniture. 


The living room is the location of a couple of fun scenes, including movie night with the ex-husband and kids plus the pie-eating scene with Jane and her girl friends and she confesses her affair with Jake to the girls. 


Ahh, Jane’s bedroom and the location for the laptop scene that changes the whole dynamic, love the neutral color scheme with a hit of color coming from the throw across the foot of the bed. 


This is the courtyard of the house, I LOVE courtyards, my dream home would definitely have a courtyard and this one is a great inspiration. 


The house used for the movie is a 6,100 sq. foot home with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths, sitting on 56 acres in Hidden Valley, California. 

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