Anatomy Of An Arrangement

August 27, 2015

By Tab Byrum

We are going to look at what it takes to make a simple arrangement, to me it’s really all about layering, just starting with a good base and adding on to that base and building up, depending on how tall you want the arrangement to be.

MakingArrangement - 20

One of my clients called and wanted to send something to a friend of hers so I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you what goes into an arrangement. I’m using Antique Hydrangeas, Alstroemeria, Pink Stock, Gerbera Daisies and Cockscomb, I’ve already talked about all these flowers on the blog, except for the Cockscomb. I figured out my color palette when I went to the flower wholesalers to buy the flowers, I looked to see what they had that looked good in certain colors and came up with the pink and green color combo. Let’s take a look at putting it together, step by step, Enjoy!!!

MakingArrangement - 1

I used the paper that the vase came wrapped in and spread it out on the kitchen table to make clean-up easier, filled the vase about 2/3 of the way full and gathered up my snips and knife.

MakingArrangement - 2

I then began unwrapping and laying out my flowers, here are the beautiful Antique Hydrangeas, the colors on these are what started me down the pink and green road for this arrangement.

MakingArrangement - 6
MakingArrangement - 5

MakingArrangement - 7

Along with the bright Pink Gerbera Daisies, I also gathered up green Alstroemeria (top left), some beautiful Hot Pink Cockscomb (top right) and Pink Stock (bottom) to round out my colorful arrangement. Now all that’s left to do is put it together. 

MakingArrangement - 8

I started with the Alstroemeria, trimming the stems short enough so the flowers were right at the edge of the vase giving me a good base to build on.

MakingArrangement - 10

Next, I added the Antique Hydrangeas, trimming their stems so they can be nestled down into the Alstromeria. Now that I have these two types of flowers in the vase all the other flowers can be added and the Alstroemeria and Hydrangeas will support them. 

MakingArrangement - 4

I added the Gerbera Daisies next, I always love the way Hydrangeas allow you to insert flowers into them, Hydrangeas are a wonderful base.

MakingArrangement - 13

MakingArrangement - 19

The Pink Stock was the next flower to be added to the arrangement, the stock adds another shade of pink, some height, and a wonderful scent. 

MakingArrangement - 17

Finally, was the Hot Pink Cockscomb, that big punch of color, love it. 

MakingArrangement - 21

One thing to remember when placing flowers in the arrangement is to keep turning your vase of flowers and adding flowers where you see empty spaces needing color.

MakingArrangement - 18

This gives you a good view of all the flowers, this arrangement was a lower one, that allows the customer to place it in several different places from the coffee table to her bathroom, she can enjoy it anywhere. 

So, there you have it, look at the flowers and come up with a color scheme and remember to build yourself a good base that will hold up the other flowers, then add the other flowers at varying heights, tuck some in close like the Daisies in the above picture and leave some tall like the Stock and Cockscomb. Pick up some flowers at the Grocery Store and practice, practice, practice. Have fun and Good Luck!!!

All words and images are my own.

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