From Storage To Stylish

August 6, 2015

By Tab Byrum

I’m very intrigued by something I’ve been seeing lately on the internet, the trend of converting a storage building or shed into a liveable, useable space.


Most of the articles I’ve read have referred to them as the new man cave or she cave, and it makes sense once you’re done using it for storage to convert it into something you’ll enjoy. When you have a nice storage building you already have the existing outside structure and depending on how nice you want it to be, you can insulate and drywall the inside, you can run electricity to it and the ones I’ve seen that have bars in them have some plumbing as well, so you are basically making them a small extension of your home. I would definitely consider doing this down the road with our storage barn, here’s a little inspiration. Enjoy!!!


This was an abandoned storage shed that’s been fixed up and converted a guest house. 


This garage has been turned into an oasis for some lucky person. ( via )


I like the idea of attaching a pergola to the converted shed.


This shed has had a deck added around it, french doors and what looks to be maybe a bar inside, complete with dartboard. 


Nice little place to enjoy the garden, put your feet up and relax. 


I’ll take it, yard and all.  ( via )


A potting table outside and a place to go inside and chill. 


This converted shed comes with a skylight, wood stove, stairway and sliding doors.  ( via )


They also make great playhouses for the kids and grandkids. 


Man cave deluxe, complete with a sofa, track lighting and beer on tap. ( via )


Converted sheds make great studios as well for writing, painting, crafting or whatever you’re into. 


Tiki bar anyone? ( via )


This cute red version is a converted shed from Sweden. 


This would be awesome in the right climate, not going to work in Oklahoma tornadoes, thunderstorms or winters.  ( via )


A great example of how to use all the space, bookshelves added to the peaks at each end of the shed, along with a little bling. 


Looks like a simple garage from the outside, but when you throw open the doors it’s anything but simple. 

Unless otherwise noted, images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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