Hitting The Ceiling

August 5, 2015

By Tab Byrum


I’ve talked about ceilings before here on the blog, but I keep seeing and reading about ideas for them that will liven up our homes. Today we are going to look at beadboard on the ceiling, I have noticed beadboard being used up under the eaves on the outside of homes for a little while now, but now I’m also seeing it being used inside homes. Beadboard is a great way to cover up things like the old popcorn ceiling, you can scrape that stuff off, but covering it is a great alternative. I’ve always loved the way beadboard looks when it’s used on walls as paneling or wainscoting so this ceiling idea is really growing on me, especially when it’s painted a color or when it’s combined with trim boards to create a coffered ceiling, my ultimate favorite ceiling. Here are some pics of beadboard ceilings, Enjoy!!!


I love this where everything is trimmed out in black, from the crown moulding on the ceiling to around the windows. 



This is an example of what I was talking about, using beadboard outside under the eaves, it look so good stained. 


So bright and clean. 


Here it is used outside again, this time painted in a soft color that goes with the homes color scheme.


What’s not to love about this kitchen beadboard ceiling? It echoes the color of the island below and the window surrounds. 


The blue beadboard ceiling on this sun porch seems to bring the outside in. 


This sun porch went the other way and stained the beadboard, which is not only on the ceiling but the walls as well. 




I really like how this cabin has a white beadboard ceiling and they used floorboards on the walls, the color on the fireplace echoes the ceiling. 


Again, tying it all together with the same color on the beadboard ceiling and the kitchen island. 



A beadboard vaulted ceiling, gorgeous!!! 



Run the beadboard ceiling with the length of your room if possible, makes it feel larger. 


I’m really liking these ceilings painted in colors. 


My favorite. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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  • SuSu Fischer

    These are all amazing!!!!
    I LOVE our bedroom ceiling! Remember when you suggested it and I was a little apprehensive?? We do LOVE it!!! And we have had many compliments on it!!! I trust you Tab!!!!

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