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August 17, 2015

By Tab Byrum

This past weekend we took a little road trip and went for a burger at Pops Restaurant along historic Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Pops is set up much like 1950’s diner with their specialty being burgers and fries and a multitude of choices in soda pop.

PopsRestaurant - 38

You can find all kind of obscure brands of sodas here at Pops as well as all your old favorites and many of them are in the original packaging from your childhood.

In addition to the soda pop there’s an amazing choice of candy, many of them I hadn’t thought of in years.

PopsRestaurant - 8

A small sampling of the candy choices at Pops. 

PopsRestaurant - 10
PopsRestaurant - 9


Although it’s decorated to resemble a traditional burger joint and soda fountain the outside of Pops is very 21st century with it’s iron, glass and stone structure that houses the restaurant and store, then there’s the almost 7 story tall soda pop bottle and straw in front of the restaurant.

PopsRestaurant - 3

The view of Pops as you head in from the Southeast on Route 66. 

PopsRestaurant - 46

As you can see Pops is very popular with the motorcycle crowd, lots of cool bikes. 

PopsRestaurant - 43

The soda pop bottle is 66 feet tall and weighs 4 tons, it’s lit up at night with the color of the lights changing for the different seasons and events going on. 

If you live in Oklahoma and haven’t been to Pops be sure and check it out, if you are passing through Oklahoma on a road trip make it a destination and check out the great food and cool design at Pops. Enjoy!!!

PopsRestaurant - 7

The front and back of Pops is all glass with shelves displaying all the different sodas available inside, it makes for a great decorative element with the sun streaming in through all the different colors of soda. 

PopsRestaurant - 17

These cartons are kept out and stacked up, you can take one of these 6 pack cartons and fill it up with your choices of soda. 

PopsRestaurant - 19

People line up to fill their 6 packs up with their favorites. 

PopsRestaurant - 11

One wall is nothing but coolers filled with cold sodas. 

PopsRestaurant - 12

Of course there’s lots of Route 66 memorabilia.

PopsRestaurant - 30

We opted to sit outside, with these giant umbrellas it wasn’t bad at all and if you’ll notice to the upper left there are giant fans to keep the air moving. 

PopsRestaurant - 31

The menu is very basic but good, from burgers and grilled cheese to chicken fried steak. 

PopsRestaurant - 36

I had the Edmond burger which is a burger with swiss cheese, mushrooms, and onions and I always have to try onion rings.

PopsRestaurant - 39
PopsRestaurant - 41

We were really bad and tried dessert, I had a scoop of the Salted Caramel Ice Cream (AWESOME!!) and Michael had the Root Beer Bread Pudding, YUM!!!!!!

PopsRestaurant - 16

Love this T-Shirt design, if it had said London instead of Pisa I would have gotten it, guess we’ll have to head to Pisa soon. 

PopsRestaurant - 18

PopsRestaurant - 25

PopsRestaurant - 28
PopsRestaurant - 26

For all you M*A*S*H fans out there they have Grape Nehi on the left and on the right is Mountain Dew the way I remember it. 

PopsRestaurant - 23

A few more selections of sodas I hadn’t heard of, but they look really interesting.

PopsRestaurant - 22

PopsRestaurant - 48

Lots of weekends, folks come to Pops in their classic cars and park them out front.

PopsRestaurant - 33

Where else can you go and get 700 different kinds of choices in cold bottled sodas? Check ’em out!!!

All words are my own and photos were all taken on my iPhone 6.

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  • Sharon

    I was only there one time and didn’t take time to eat But the soda selection is amazing Came home with two 6 packs of grape Nehi and Cream Soda Really great place

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