The Leading Edge

August 10, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Leading edge detail is when the vertical inside edge of draperies are decorated with a ribbon, a decorative tape or some type of fabric that is in contrast to the drapery fabric itself but coordinates with the decoration of the room. There are some gorgeous decorative trims and tapes out there that are available at fabric and craft stores.


When I was a kid I remember everything had ball fringe on it, and ball fringe is still popular today. There are some trims that are very elegant and bring in very classic themes like a Greek key or a floral element. Leading edge detail is a great way to embellish store bought window treatments, if you find something that goes with your room in a store but you feel they are too plain or simple have a decorative edge added, this also applies if you are having drapes specially made for a room, purchase a less expensive fabric for the drapes themselves but then splurge a little on a trim for the leading edge. (above image via)


Most large cities have fabric workrooms where you can have drapes made or get in touch with a local decorator, I have a lady that sews for me, she makes beautiful window treatments, bedding, and pillows. If you google “fabric workroom” and your city or the closest big city you should find someone that can help you. In the meantime, here’s a little photographic inspiration, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Beautiful neutral room with gold accents. Love the subtle decorative edge on the drapes. (via)


A very traditional room with great colors pulled from the painting over the fireplace. Notice the green decorative edge on the drapes that links it to the chairs, artwork and the vases on the mantle. (via)


This is a great example of using fabric to edge your drapes, a wide strip of the pillow fabric is used as decorative edging. (via)


Classic and beautiful. (via)


Here you can see a few things going on, what looks to be yellow silk drapes lined with a brown pillow ticking fabric and tied together with a decorative ribbon or tape. (via)


Bringing it all together here with blue, blue pillows on white chairs with blue stripes and the window treatments have blue edging on both the inside and outside edges. (via)


A very feminine room with leopard carpet and ice blue drapes, notice the large ruffled leading edge. (via)


These drapes are so cool. They’ve used a crewel work type fabric and edged it with a black and cream stripe and tied it all together with the black and white horn ornament as a tie-back. (via)


This is a huge neutral room, but there are strong hits of blue all around it including the geometric edging on the drapes. (via)


The Ikat print on the drapes is a strong print but the edging works great to break it up. 


This fabric and edging combination is more of a tone on tone look with the neutral color of the thread breaking up the color. (via)


I waffled back and forth on this drape, but I like it. The Greek Key edging is done in the same green as the print on the drapes. (via)


This gray room is gorgeous and notice the drapes and sheers are on two different rods with the lacy looking edging echoing white sheers, desk, rug and so many other white items in the room. (via)

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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  • Sharon

    These are some beautiful rooms but there is something about the leading edge that upsets my sense of symmetry Really odd feeling of things being just a bit off Lol

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