A Wedding In The Country

September 17, 2015

By Tab Byrum

A few weeks ago a friend messaged me and asked me if I would be interested in doing the flowers for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, of course, I said yes and the planning began. The wedding was at the Bride’s family’s farm southeast of Norman, Oklahoma and it was beautiful. Because it was an outdoor wedding and we’ve had so much rain this spring and summer the farm is gorgeous, everything is so green, the Bride said she wanted all white flowers, nothing too fancy, just simple, elegant and pretty.

WilsonWedding - 19

WilsonWedding - 18

This gives you a good idea of the white flowers I used: hydrangeas, white roses, baby’s breath and stock. 

Her colors for the Bridesmaid dresses and the decorations were gray and Tangerine (orange) and we didn’t want to do anything crazy as far as flowers and color to fight with the colors. The MOB (mother of the Bride) and I met up and she gave me several Mason canning jars that I did arrangements in, including 10 jars that had wire around the tops of them so we could hang them on Shepherd’s hooks along the aisle.

WilsonWedding - 3

In each of the hanging Mason jars, there were 3 hydrangeas, 3 stock and some baby’s breath. 

WilsonWedding - 6

The MOB and her husband had wound wire around the tops of the jars with a handle extending up that I could hang over the hook of the Shepherd’s hooks along the aisle. 

WilsonWedding - 9

The whole effect was very charming, perfect for a country wedding. 

WilsonWedding - 14

WilsonWedding - 11

There were varying sizes of picture frames hanging in the trees behind where the wedding  took place, the frames looked like they were floating in the air. All the trees were strung with white lights and there small Mason jars also hanging in the trees with tea lights in them, I’m sure everything looked magical after the sun went down. 

WilsonWedding - 15

Needless to say the day was beautiful weather-wise, 70-degree temps in Septemeber in Oklahoma are AWESOME, flower delivery went off without a hitch and they had a beautiful ceremony and reception. Join me for a peek at what it involved on my end as far as wedding flowers. Enjoy!!!

WilsonWedding - 16

WilsonWedding - 21

This was where the guests signed in, instead of a guest book they signed the mat of a framed picture.  I did a large arrangement here with all the flowers from the wedding. I loved the orange balloons scattered throughout the venue, the perfect pop of color. As you can see they had great props like this table and screen made of old shutters. 

WilsonWedding - 31

This is one of the first times I’ve used baby’s breath, a lot of people anymore don’t want it in their bouquets and arrangements, but I have to say that it was perfect for this wedding. These were the arrangements I put on the table where the Bride and Groom sat, they were baby’s breath, white roses and white mums. 

WilsonWedding - 30

Here you can see they gray runners they used on the tables.

WilsonWedding - 24

On other tables I scattered bouquets of hydrangeas and stock. The little jars with orange tops were homemade blackberry jam that the MOB had made from blackberries on the farm, they were the gifts for the people attending the wedding, and I can attest that it’s YUMMY!!!

WilsonWedding - 28

This gives you a good look at how simple and pretty the tables turned out and a good look at the farm and what a beautiful place it is. 

WilsonWedding - 25

WilsonWedding - 32

WilsonWedding - 34

One last picture of the reception area as we were leaving, a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. May they live Happily Ever After.

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