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October 5, 2015

By Tab Byrum

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One thing for me that always signals the change of seasons is the changing out of door decorations. Last year after the holidays were over one of my clients that usually has me do her door year round, had me take down all the decorations and the base because they were getting a new front door, she called the other day to say the new door was installed and she was ready for some Autumn decorations. I thought this was an ideal time to share decorating a door with you from nothing to full Fall inspiration. Here’s a look at what I did and some step by step instructions, let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!!!

FallDoor2015 - 2

When I took down the decorations and grapevine last winter I was able to leave the screws and anchors in the exterior of the client’s house. I use floral wire that you can pick up at any craft store to attach the grapevine to the house to give me a base to build on.

FallDoor2015 - 1

I went around the front door with grapevine, I was able to accomplish this by taking apart one grapevine wreath and stretching it around the door. 

FallDoor2015 - 5

Next I added the decorative mesh ribbon on top of the grapevine. I attach it to the grapevine using the wires that attach the grapevine to the house and add a few more wires so I can bunch the ribbon up and “poof” it up. 

FallDoor2015 - 6

Here’s a close-up look at the two colors of mesh ribbon gathered up in a piece of wire. 

FallDoor2015 - 4

Here’s a look at the door with just grapevine and mesh ribbon, I have to say their new doors are beautiful.

FallDoor2015 - 9

After the mesh ribbon, I start adding the decorative garlands. These are garlands that we’ve used for several seasons, we’re lucky that the porch is fairly protected from the sun so the garlands haven’t faded. When I pick the mesh ribbon I try to pick colors that will pull colors out of the garlands. As you can see here there are lots of colors to work with, I can pull yellows, greens and even burgundy, I chose the oranges and copper colors. 

FallDoor2015 - 8

This is look up at the center of the decoration, I always start at the center of the door and work my way down each side. With a door like this it’s easy to find the center, just follow the split between the doors up.

FallDoor2015 - 7

Here’s a look at the decoration with the grapevine base, mesh ribbon on top of the grapevine and the decorative garland added to the top. Now for a little fluffing and tweaking. 

FallDoor2015 - 11

This year I had gotten these fall colored maple leaf bushes, some of the leaves are variegated in oranges, browns, and greens and some of them are solid Autumn colors. 

FallDoor2015 - 16

I tucked the leaf bunches in the garland in areas that might need a little something extra. I try to make the whole thing look as natural as possible, even though glittery mesh ribbon isn’t found in nature. 

FallDoor2015 - 13

FallDoor2015 - 21

Next, I went in and added some larger pumpkins throughout the garland, I scattered them down the sides and across the top.

FallDoor2015 - 20
FallDoor2015 - 19

FallDoor2015 - 18

FallDoor2015 - 22

Here’s the finished product, you can see all steps I talked about in their finished form. I’ve said before it’s all about layering, you can see the colored ribbon peeking out from under the layer of fall garland, then we add the maple leaf bushes and the decorative pumpkins. Notice I did leaf bushes at each upper corner and one in the very center and the two down low, I think it turned out great. Hope you enjoyed and find some inspiration for a project at your house. 

All words and images are my own.
I took the pictures with my iPhone 6.

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