Candy Corn Inspiration

October 29, 2015

By Tab Byrum


It’s the one candy that’s almost synonymous with Autumn for everyone, Candy Corn. With only two days left until Halloween, we are going to take a look at some quick and easy ideas for using Candy Corn in your food and decor for Fall and Halloween and a couple of peeks at decorations that Candy Corn has inspired. One of my favorite things to do is mix a bowl of Candy Corn and salted peanuts together and it tastes like a Payday candy bar. Enjoy!!!


You could do this centerpiece with two vases of the same shape but different sizes. Put the smaller vase inside the larger one, then pour the candy in the space between the two vases, place your black branches in the vase in the middle and you have instant Halloween centerpiece. 


After you melt your marshmallows divide it between three different bowls and color two of the bowls, one orange, and the other yellow, add your cereal. You can then press it out onto a round plate or cake pan in rings with the outer ring being yellow, then orange and plain in the middle. After it sets up slice the cookie like cake slices and insert straws or lollipop sticks. 


You can accomplish this look using 2 vases again. Layer your candies and marshmallows in the space between the two vases, top it off and fill the center vase with gumballs and other round candies then insert your suckers in the vase in the center.


These Candy Corn inspired vases are really cute and as long as you paint on the outside you can use them for vases since the water on the inside won’t wash away the paint. 


I do this quick and easy centerpiece a lot for clients, buy bags of Candy Corn and pour into hurricanes, just add candles and you have instant centerpiece. It also looks great with black candles for Halloween. 


This Candy Corn inspired door hanger is really cute and a great Autumn alternative to a wreath. 


Add Candy Corn to your favorite trail mix and it’s instant Fall in a snack. 

All words are my own, images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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